23 June 2012

My first room reveal! Patio:

 Hello bloggies!

   I have my first completed "room" to share with you today in the new place. I have the downstairs deck in order thanks to some help from lowes, wal mart, and Jakey:) Its the MOST perfect spot for lunch, morning coffee, or just sitting at dusk enjoying the fireflies. (with my bug candles lit of course so I dont get attacked!) Take a look:

These pillows were originally inside, but I loved them so much with the furniture outside they went!

I LOVE these giant pillars. Originally BIG bucks from Pier One, handed down to me from my Grandma :)

Its like being in a forest under all of these trees

Citronella candles=LIFELINE out here!!

I will never get sick of that lake behind me.

Pretty right?! VERY simple but a great place to kick back and enjoy the view. Time to go get started on a few new projects I have up my sleeve. MUAHAHAHAH!

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  1. great job! it is a beautiful view!

  2. Great view with great surroundings. I love the three citronella candles together. We have one of those, now I wish I had two more! :) And I bet with those trees and the lake, you definitely need some candles! Enjoy decorating the rest of the place.

  3. It's beautiful. Great job. This place is looking so peaceful It's rare now to see this kind of room and I love this kind of room. This is looking so beautiful.