17 June 2012

Day 2!!

  3 cheers for laying in the hotel bed....HIP HIP...HOORAYY!!!!!!!! Man oh man I am so happy to be here today. It was what will be our longest day of driving, and it was just so dang boring. Don't you worry your pretty little mind though, I definitely have some fun stories for you from the day.


  We started out the day late (as usual) for no real reason in particular, (even though I think it was because my Dad and Jake wanted to finish watching Hilbilly Handfishing) Heading through the forest into New Mexico was GORGEOUS

 We were only about an hour in before we made our first stop (nature speed dialed my Mom and it was a 911 call!)  We stopped at this super awesome little Indian trading post, (we shortly learned there are only about 5401234 (give or take) Indian trading posts driving through New Mexico)

Channeling my inner Indiana Jones

Cool, so we made our first stop now we should make it clear through Albuquerque no problem, right? Wrong. Nature calls far too often for babies, so it was dirty diaper duty and we stopped here:

Jealous San Diego?!
I dont see any grass...do you?

 Great,okay so now we're two stops in before we even reach 'Querque where we were supposed to have our original 1ST stop...we must make it there now right?

  Again, WRONG. Cue stop 3 in the middle of nowhere.(I don't even know why we stopped here, I think the pups had to go)

And the little man wanted to be just like his best friend, Jack (pups), so he thought he'd stick his face in the Dog bowl. Great parenting right, lets not stop him, lets take a picture...it would have been your first thought too!

  We finally made it through Albuquerque and continued through THIS through the rest of New Mexico

  Can you see a darn thing? Cause I sure can't. It's been some pretty wacky weather here. The wind was so gnarley throughout New Mexico that I literally had to have the grip of Arnold S in his hay day to keep the car from swervin.

   We finally made it into Texas, and it was an hour from there to this comfy bed and I am over the moon. It was a LONG LONG LONG day, but over all, super duper easy, I mean all 609 miles were on the same freeway, I don't think it gets much easier than that!!

 Hey fireworks!! We stopped at a HUGE firework shop and I was so excited as you can't even buy poppers in Cali. I actually walked in the shop with a GIANT smile on my face, and asked the Man if he sold sparklers, (with more excitement in my voice than a kid going to Disneyland for the first time) and he just pointed to this tiny corner and said "that's where we keep the kiddie fireworks" HA! WELL then! I spent 30 dollars on sparklers, lets just say it will be one sparkly 4th this year :)

Making our own version of the "call me maybe" video with my sister! (you can view it on facebook...though i'm not sure you want to!)

and although most wouldn't understand this HUGE storm we're having in Amarillo is AWESOME! It's pouring and there is lightning and thunder and I love every second, we don't get weather where I'm, from!!

Here is a video of the lighting, its not that exciting to most, but it has certainly been a highlight for me.   Tomorrow we're driving through Texas, and through Oklahoma where we will stop to see family I have there. And THEN finally we will be arriving in our new Hometown late tomorrow evening. I could NOT be more excited. (well I was pretty excited about the sparklers).   504 miles of open road are waiting for us tomorrow, so I better get some rest, I can't wait to finally get to our home tomorrow, and tell ya'll ALL about it!!
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  1. I'll warn ya that Oklahoma is one of the worst states to drive through (Kansas would be the worst, possibly) and it's boring. You'll see more fireworks stands as they are everywhere now and some more Native American areas. My friend and I drove from the Texas/Oklahoma border for a dog to Arkansas, where she was living, in one day. It was hard! Good luck!!!