29 May 2012

This weeks history lesson...

  So Jake is a HUGE history buff, he actually knows way more than I even thought he did, and the more we talk about it the more I find out about the brains he has been hiding upstairs. (wink wink). There is this new show on History Channel called Hatfields and McCoys, and it is AWESOME! I was on the edge of my seat the entire second half of the show, and of course they ended it on a cliff hanger.

this is an original picture of the actual McCoys right after the civil war. Okay, I know i'm losing you...pretty much its about the 2 families feuding (some say it started because the Hatfields stole  one of the McCoys pigs, I would be mad too! Have you TASTED bacon?!) but it's a TOTAL 19th century Romeo and Juliet story, and I am a SUCKER for any romance! The McCoys are classy as heck in their fighting, and the Hatfields are a little more bad-ass, but the show does such a good job of not getting you on one side or the other, after you think you like the McCoys more, the Hatfields do something to suck you right in! Part 2 of the 3 part series airs tonight and I HIGHLY recommend that you watch it, its got action, romance, comedy, I just love it!

This is the cast:

 isn't his wife GORGEOUS?? Total girl crush on that hot 1800 fashion.

(aka Romeo)

(aka Juliet)

I'm just telling you, watch it! 

In other news, how AWESOME are these jugs?!

 I completely freaked out when Jake brought them home. He bought them at the liquor store by our house (actually he just brought 1 home, he's not some alcoholic!) Here is the BEST part...they were 2.99!!!!!!!!! Yes I said it, 3 measly dollars for this awesome piece of home decor. A simple rinse out and these will look so cool in our new home! I love when you find something fabulous that is an awesome price, that will add a vintage looking element to your home. I am all about them! We haven't even packed them away yet because I can't stop gazing at their adorable-ness. Yes adorable-ness is a word, in my vocabulary at least. I also purchased these trunks today,

how dang cute are these?! Another awesome piece to add to my future Arkansas home! I bought them from my friend Rocky and Amy at Vin.Tique. They make the most awesome custom furniture/home decor, and I go to them for ANY custom project. Check em out here. You won't regret it! Thats all for now, my show is starting!

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  1. It's so weird that you posted about this today! My husband DVR'ed it last night. When I asked what it was about he looked at me like I was from another planet. I told him that I'll have to watch it with him so I can get schooled on the Hatfields and McCoys.

  2. Chelsea,

    How funny is that?! I was thinking to myself that this post would bore everyone to sleep, I love that you knew what I was talking about!! You should definitely watch it, we just finished part 2, and it was so good! It's a nice break from my usual trashy housewife shows ;)