01 June 2012

I climbed a mountain today, what'd YOU do??

  Hey guys! Pheww, what an eventful day I had today, I feel like I have SO much to talk about. Okay maybe not, it may not be that interesting at all. First let me say, I wanted to blog all about this new delicious recipe I found for a yummy cake batter dessert that was good for you and fantastic and everything I love about a recipe, except for it wasn't. The recipe was supposed to mix Greek yogurt
with a few teaspoons of plain cake batter, and create this fabulous concoction that solved all of your unhealthy dessert woes and made you happy to eat healthy. Except, well it tasted like sour-ass. Gross gross gross, and since I don't want you guys making a recipe that tastes like donkey-poo, I didn't blog yesterday at all. Moral of the story:


equals a no-go. Have Ice cream instead, that's what I did :)

   Moving on to the adventures of Thursday. First of all, I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN TODAY! I did a 4.7 mile hike up a mountain in my area. For those of you who have done this before, just let me have my 15 seconds to gloat, because it was an accomplishment!! I do not exercise at all, (despite the occasional crunch or 2 while watching the real housewives)

            (my kind of work-out)
 so the fact that my girlfriend and I made it all the way to the top, felt awesome! The hike back down was one of the best feelings ever. You finally have your breath back, your endorphins are rushing, and I was just pumped! I totally recommend it. I'm actually going to try to get Jake out there this weekend to do it again with me.

Me at the top of the mountain, woo-hoo!!

One of my best girlfriends, Elizabeth and I at the top!

This one is funny because the higher we got up, the less clothing we wore, I needed my shirt to wipe up my sweat, and Elizabeth used hers as a sweat-hair turban...HAHA!

  Also! I was so excited, Hatfields and McCoys ended yesterday, and HOLY COW! It was such an awesome history lesson for me, and super entertaining as well! I was super interested to find out that in 2003, only 9 stinkin' years ago, the Hatfield and McCoy families signed a symbolic peace treaty to finally bring an end to the 60 generations of feuding between the families. How nuts is that?!  I really think you all should go set your dvr for the 3 part series encore, because it was awesome!

 Tomorrow I have to spend patching up our walls, I can't believe next week is my last at work, holy smokes this move is sneaking up on me!

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