01 June 2012

My tummy is thankful Thursday: first edition

  How do you feel about my ridiculous alliteration for each day? hmm...hmm...?? Its pretty silly to be honest, but I am totally feelin' it, as I am totally silly myself. Obviously, as the title says, Thursdays are going to be fabulous recipes, so let me get you started with one of my childhood favorites. I present to you:

Banana Smooshies:

Basically, a  fantastic graham cracker "ice cream" sandwich that will blow your mind with deliciousness, and its the simplest recipe in the world. You will need:

Peanut butter
graham crackers
and any add-ins you'd like (ex: honey, choco chips, nuts?)
Slice your bananas, and mix in about a cup of peanut butter, (give or take) and smash together with a potato masher, until you consistency looks like this:

I like my bananas chunky, thats why I prefer to self-mash, but feel free to blend it or food-process it :)

Now you just spoon em between two graham crackers, wrap in saran wrap, freeze over night and YUMM!!

My mama is not the best cook in the world, she will be the first to admit it. But these banana smooshies are HER recipe, (I don't care who said they invented em, it was my mom if you ask me) and every time I take a bite, it brings me right back to summers in San Diego, running in the sprinklers with my sister. That's the life.

Oh! Don't forget add-ins! I love to keep things simple, so I just use these 3 ingredients, however...you could dip em in melted chocolate (heaven), roll em in mini choco chips, mix in some nuts or cocoa powder, the possibilities are endless! Whatever it is you do with them, enjoy, and maybe spend some time runnin' through the sprinklers!

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  1. Making these tonight!! Yummmmy!!

    ❤Bree Bree!

  2. I LOVE the shadowboxes in your living room and why didn't you pick me up a pair of those fancy blue flats from Target?! Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comment :)

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