24 May 2012

52 reasons I love you, a tutorial

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope this easy tutorial really helps you make something sweet and handmade for your lover. Its super easy, and I know I would love to receive one, so your honey should feel the same ;)

This is the finished product I came up with. There are a million different tutorials for this on Pinterest, however, the original idea came from Lowri, and you can check out her website here! But I will post a how-to on how I made mine!

Deck of cards
Construction/scrap book paper
hole punch
binder rings
a good dry-ink pen
double sided tape or glue

  1. I started out by writing my 52 reasons down on a separate piece of paper, that way I didn't have to pause in the middle to think of them! (it was easy! you'd think 52 reasons would be hard, but I could have come up with so many more.)

2. Next I took one of the spare cards in my deck and cut it in half.  I used this as my template for my construction paper, and cut 54 little pieces. (52 for the cards, a front cover, and a back cover)

3. Here is where things get a tiny bit difficult. Hole punching! You need to make sure all of your holes line up so that you can easily thread them onto your rings. I did this by marking a small dot on every 4th card where I would need to punch, and then punched 4 at a time.

4. Once you've done this, you can start writing your reasons on your small pieces of paper. (you can also type this out and then put them on the cards if you don't like your hand writing, I just happen to like how home made it looks with my script)

5. Next break out your double sided tape or glue, (I prefer the tape because its easier, and doesn't warp the cards) and tape 1 reason per card, being sure to keep it centered.

6. Double check you spelled everything correctly, and have every reason in numerical order. (this step is more important than it seems!! I had 3 cards out of numeral place, and I wouldn't of caught this if I didn't double check!)

7. Thread your cards onto your rings, and admire your handy work!

Don't forget some pretty packaging for your gift, I just used a chinese take out box with a #4 sticker on it!

(If you remember from my last post, I had to go buy a new one, cause I had originally bought a #5 sticker...oops)


Get silly with your reasons! Of course I had some mushy ones in there, but I also added silly ones to make him laugh. Not everything has to be barf-worthy all the time. :)

Voila! A sweet hand made gift for someone you love.


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1 comment:

  1. I love your version of this project - I am sure it is a treasured gift! I like that you hand-wrote the reasons too - it is a lovely personal touch!