24 May 2012

100 hearts would be too few, a tutorial

If you recall, May 23rd was mine and Jakes anniversary. We don't buy gifts for our anniversaries because we like to keep it sweet and simple. Along with my "52 reasons I love you book", I also made garland out of scrap-paper hearts and I will tell you why.

  One of my favorite quotes of all time is "100 hearts would be too few, to carry all my love for you", so I took it pretty literal and made it into a surprise! Jake came out to his car to this Wednesday morning:

It looked way cooler in person I promise, it was just impossible to get a good picture.  Here is what you will need for this simple, (but time consuming) project!

LOTS of scrap book paper, your cutting 100 hearts here people!
a pencil
a good friend
a good meal
and a bottle of wine...(I promise, you don't want to do this without your bottle of wine)

Thankfully my friend Sarah was willing to help me with this project or else I probably would have given up.

1. Start by tracing your different sized hearts on the back of your scrap paper. (we did 5 different sizes so we needed 20 of each size. Luckily Sarah has a cricut machine that cut our first 5 so we had perfect shaped hearts)

2. Next get ready for snippin. Now, I don't know if it was the wine, or if we were just too gabby to realize we COULD have put 2 or 3 pieces of scrap paper together and did this in the 3rd of the time, but no, we cut each individual heart 1 at a time..SHEESH!)

3. Pour another glass of wine

4. Lay your hearts out vertically in different patterns, and then tape a ribbon to the back of each like so:

We did 20 strands of 5, but you could certainly make them shorter/longer if you would like.

5. Make a sign with your sweet quote, so that the whole project makes sense:

6. Sneak out after your hunny has gone to sleep, and tape them all to the roof of their car/truck (this wouldn't really work if your sweetheart has a bicycle, but who knows, you could get creative)

7. Wait for them to wake up and SURPRISE! Pretty heart garland will put a smile on any ones face.

The best part is, I am certainly not letting these beauties go to waste, i'm sure you will see them appear in my Valentines day decor, or at a bridal/baby shower as party decorations. Or maybe i'll just  stare at them because they took so damn long and i'd like to admire my work.

Happy crafting!


**A big thank you to Sarah! You cut my time in half, and the laughs/wine didn't hurt our night either :)

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