27 August 2017

Isla Rose Grows: 3 Months

Our sweet Isla Jane turned 3 months on August 11th, and although I took these pictures on time, i'm just getting around to typing out all of her milestones from the month.

As we speak, she is sleeping next to me with the sweetest look on her face and i'm tearing up a little bit because I head back to work on Wednesday :( I was SO blessed to have been able to take 16 weeks off with my kiddos. I really feel like I got to see Sawyer grow from baby to full-blown toddler, and of course I got to experience every bit of newborn joy Isla has brought to our family.

Speaking of Joy, this girl is an absolute treasure. She has the biggest, brightest smile that melts me into a puddle. Jake and I compete to see who can get her first smile of the morning, because nothing beats the ear-to-ear grin she gives you the second she opens those sleepy eyes in the morning.

She was my easy sleeper for the first few months of her life, but we've turned a little bit of a corner and baby girl has been waking up 2-3 times a night to get her grub on and chat to me about life. I've been exhausted! She very rarely cries, though, so it's hard to be mad when she just wants to coo and smile at you in the middle of the night.

We put her down for bed around 8:30-9:00, and lately she will sleep until 2, and then wakes up every few hours after that. I'm hoping she goes back to a full night of rest soon! But i'll soak up the lovin's while I can.

I'm still exclusively breastfeeding her and i'm so proud to have over 3000 ounces of milk frozen in our deep freezer! I have literally never had more DM's on instagram about it, so I plan to share my tips and tricks soon.

Isla is just over 14.5 pounds and totally packing on the chub!! She felt so tiny to us for so long, and now she is getting those delicious Michelin arms and the chubbiest little belly that I can hardly handle.

I spent the last few weeks ensuring she wore every single 0-3 outfit because baby girl is pretty much exclusively in 3-6 and 6 month clothing now. I get sad every time I put an outfit away in storage! I'm not sure if it is because she is our second, but it honestly feels like the time is flashing before our eyes. I do not remember Sawyer growing this fast, but I feel like every morning we wake up Isla is a new baby.

She is getting so active! She kicks her legs constantly and waves her arms around all of the time. She is just starting to grab onto toys and we're having fun practicing with her! I've noticed her sticking things in her mouth lately and she is the worlds biggest drool-bucket, so teething has begun! Sawyer didn't break his first tooth until just before his 1st birthday, so it will probably be awhile before we actually see any pearly whites, but the constant drool and munchin' means the process has started. :)

We're looking forward to breaking out the jump-jump and letting her try it out soon. It was Sawyer's FAVORITE toy, and a saving grace for us, so we're hoping she loves it the way he did!

She finally loves to be worn in her boba wrap, and we've been enjoying a few family walks a day lately. I absolutely love to have her close to me and it's nice to have free hands to chase after her brother :)

As always there are 2 million little details that I hope I don't forget. I love this girl's eyelashes and the way her eyes genuinely twinkle at you. She has the most precious coo's and that baby voice is one I hope always stays with me.

Her absolute favorite thing is being kissed all over her face. I do it 900 times a day and I hope she never grows out of loving it! Isla is so fascinated by her big brother. She watches him constantly and I know it's just a matter of time before the two of them are running the show.

I swear that this girl is going to go down in history as the easiest baby ever. She makes these little grunty fussing noises if she is dirty, hungry or wants you to change her position. The only time she really cries is if she is tired, but then you just have to get her down and she is an angel again.

My favorite part of writing these monthly posts for Isla is going back and reading the same month for Sawyer. It is honestly amazing how 2 babies from the exact same parents can be SO different! They are polar opposites, but they look like they could be twins. :) I'm so desperately in love with these children!

If you think about it, please send us a prayer or some positive vibes as we adjust with me going back to work- the kiddos will be at Grandma-daycare so lord knows they will be loved and spoiled to pieces, but my heart my break a little!

Until Next Time,


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