05 February 2016

101 Days

Where do I even begin!

Sawyer is 3 months and a week, so this is a little bit behind, but let me tell you what, this has been the most fun 3 months and 1 week EVER.

This boy is developing SUCH a little personality. He laughs, plays, recognizes us, and gives the most soul-melting gummy smiles you ever did see. Everyone tells you how much you will love your little people, but there is no real way to know that love until you go through it.

Sawyer is a BIG boy. Rolls on top of double chins on top of the chunkiest most delicious tummy. I am not 100% sure on his weight but when I do the weigh both of us and subtract my weight method he is a healthy 17 pounds. He is still exclusively breastfed and pumping at work hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected. Nursing has been a journey for us, but the best one ever- I’d be happy to share some of our struggles and tips to get through keeping it up when you go back to work if you’re interested! Just let me know in the comments below.

Speaking of work, it’s not as bad as I expected either. I won’t lie, leaving in the morning basically breaks my heart every single time. Wednesday of this week I didn’t get Sawyer up as early as I normally do, so I literally got 5 minutes of awake time with him before Jake had to leave and take him to my mom, and I spent the rest of the day in the saddest funk because I didn’t get to love on my boy. Taking an extra 20-30 minutes every morning to snuggle and sing songs and play really helps my heart before going off to work.

Sawyer loves going to Grandma’s house, though, and he is spoiled rotten with love and attention those days we can’t be with him! Although I wish I could be home with him full-time, working outside of the home is important for our family right now so we’re making the most of it!

We had a ton of firsts this month! First belly laughs, holy moly. Melt me. We kiss his tummy and tickle his ribs and he chuckles like it’s the best thing ever. First cold-break me! Oh my goodness, nothing is more depressing than seeing your little one not feeling so great. He had some congestion and watery eyes and did not sleep well at all. It passed pretty quickly thank the laaawdd and he is back to his happy self. Have you seen those commercials were the sick Dad asks the baby for a day off? Real life, caring for a sick baby when you’re sick yourself is the worst ever. He still hates tummy time and protests it every chance he gets. He will just lay down flat and go to sleep.  But I know his neck muscles must be getting stronger somehow, because he is starting to sit up for minute or so stretches if he has some lower-back support with his boppy. He looks like such a big boy!

He still loves bathtime more than anything-easily his favorite time of day. He will splash and kick and I just know we have a water baby on our hands. I can’t WAIT for swim lessons!  He also started doing this little shy grin thing that will make your heart actually fall out of your chest. If I’m holding him, and Daddy or anyone, really, comes around smiling at him, he will do this little grin and dig his head into your chest like he is being shy. It.kills.me.

Sleep is SO much better. He generally sleeps from 9:00-3 or 4 and then eats and goes right back to sleep until 7:00.  His Halo sleep sack is the only way he is sleeping this much. We also put him back in his rock n play from his crib. I just don’t think I was ready for him to be in his crib and the commitment it takes to walk across this house at 3 am to feed him. I’d much rather just roll over and pick him up out of his rock n play. I’m in no hurry for him to sleep through the night. I am so used to running on caffeine and eye cream at this point that it feels normal, and I SAVOR those moments holding him at 3 AM. I will miss the heck out of those when they’re gone.

Sawyer has started loving his car seat, and will just babble away back there. He loves his bugs that are strapped on the handle and will have conversations with them on the daily. He LOVES getting his diaper changed, and will giggle the entire time, but he hates getting his clothes changed and will scream his head off almost every time. Speaking of clothes- he is wearing 6-9 months. He is 101 days old yet he thinks it’s acceptable to wear 9 month clothing. Can someone tell him to slow it on down?

He started doing this sad thing every once in a while where he SCREAMS bloody murder in the middle of the night, it scares us half to death, and I grab him and he is still completely sound asleep. It’s like he is having a nightmare or something? I absolutely hate it. I end up holding him the rest of the night!

Some call outs for the month that I never want to forget-
His thighs. They’re delicious.
His gummy smile.
The way he stretches his arms in the morning after we unswaddle him. It’s too much!
His shy-boy act.
How long those eyelashes are! They touch his eyebrows!
The way his eyes light up when we sing “itsy bitsy spider.” He loves watching the hand movements.
His voice. He babbles ALL the time now, and I love hearing that voice.

There are probably 10391 things, but this has already gotten nice and lengthy. He is the absolute joy of our lives. I can’t imagine that I ever lived without him, he makes everything SO much better. The other night, he hadn’t slept well because of his cold, and he fell asleep on my chest, the ONLY way he would sleep for so many weeks in the beginning of his life. I remember silently wishing I could just set him down for a few minutes, but that boy wanted to be held 24 hours a day. He doesn’t ever sleep on us like that anymore, and I just started bawling thinking that we already have a “remember when” moment. I soaked in that time of him sleeping on my chest, and I vowed to never wish for anything to move quickly again. I love every single stage-being a mom is the greatest adventure.

Have a great weekend, ladies!

Until Next Time,


  1. I LOVE THAT GUMMY SMILE AND THAT CHUNKY MONEY!!!!!! Sawyer, sawyer, sawyer...slow it down!! Your mama's heart cannot handle you wearing 9 month clothing! But, you need to keep growing so you can be and strong and able to protect Adeline. We like big, cuddly men over here, so you are right on your way!

    1. He is just growing big and strong to protect his woman!! :)

  2. I would give him a rose for sure ;) so handsome and cute!

    Emily at www.stylecubby.com

    1. Thank you, sugar! I think he is the most special too :)

  3. So sweet. I love all the laughing and babbling these days! Our little doesn't want to just sleep on our chests anymore either and like you, the night time waking up has become so normal over here that I just want to savor all of it. I'm not trying to rush a single little moment.

    Glad his cold was fast and not too terrible! I know that must have been tough!

    1. Seriously, isn't being a mama the BEST THING IN THE WORLD?! I swear I don't know how I even lived without him! Every stage is so much fun-I LOVE it!