12 December 2016

Sawyer's First Lumberjack Party

I'm only a month and a half behind here, but i'm FINALLY sharing the details from Sawyer's first birthday! It was one of the most fun days i've ever had, and I absolutely loved celebrating our little guy. I've had the lumberjack theme planned in my head since we found out he was a boy, and it was so fun to see it come to life.
There is nothing this baby loves more than attention (he is totally his parent's kid) and so he was in heaven getting all of the love and 'oohs and aahs" all day long. He hammed it up for the camera, ate so much cake I thought he would never nap again, and reminded us again that the first year of his life, was truly the best year of ours.

For favors, I put together little smores bags with graham crackers, jumbo marshmallows, and hersheys chocolate. They were a huge hit with adults and kids alike!

We had about 30 people over at the house, and feeding a crowd isn't cheap, so we did a baked potato bar with sweet and regular potatoes as well as all of the fixin's. My dad made a giant pot of his famous chili, and I swear to you this is how I will do every party in the future! It was SO easy, and who doesn't love a baked potato slathered in cheese and butter?

I made a small angel food cake and covered it in unsweetened whipped cream because I knew Sawyer wouldn't go too crazy for buttercream. At this stage, he wasn't all that into sweets (oh how that's changed over the last month!) and I wanted him to get nice and messy. I made some chocolate cupcakes topped with toasted marshmallow and a graham and chocolate bar for our guests, and although messy, they turned out so cute and delicious and were SO much more affordable than anything I would have picked up in the bakery.

I was able to find some super cute decor at Hobby Lobby (who knew they'd have an entire lumberjack section?!) as well as some printables I purchased from Etsy and enlisted help from my BFF to help me cut out each piece. (Thanks, Bree!)

My most favorite touch of the entire party was his monthly photo banner. We cut squares out of beer boxes (classy) and wrapped them in scrapbook paper, and I glued on a picture of him for each month from newborn to 12. I kept it up for most of November because it was so sweet to look at. I can't believe how much our boy changed over the year.

I wanted messy, and this boy delivered ;) After cake time he went straight in to the bath to be hosed down!! He went HAM on that cake and it was the cutest ever. He had 30 people surrounding him and taking pictures and absolutely loved that all eyes were watching. Such a little performer. 

This stat board is something I will totally treasure forever. What an incredible year it was watching every milestone and how he has grown and changed. This boy is the joy and love of our lives, and the day we got to celebrate him was truly the highlight of my year.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Such a PERFECT party! So cute, every detail! I still can't believe he was 26 lbs at this birthday!!! Love that big boy!! You'll be rounding that corner to 18 months before we know it! AH! <3