21 December 2016

Ghost of Christmas Cards Past 2016

Ya'll, this time of year is just bananas!

I haven't even shot my Christmas home tour yet, and we're 4 days out. We've been so busy enjoying the season with our little man and trying to keep our heads above water that blogging has certainly taken a backseat.

I couldn't let the season pass, however, without sharing my favorite post of the year, the Ghost of Christmas Cards Past!

I absolutely love looking back on our Christmas cards through the years and sharing the current one with you. So let's time travel, shall we?


Lord knows I say this every year, but BOY was this one memorable. Our first family of FIVE Christmas photo if you count this little darling in my belly. 


How was my baby ever this small? HOW! Those sleepy little eyes and the fact that he fit so perfectly in our arms just melts me. I was about 6 weeks post-partum in this picture and it was a herculean effort to even pull together Christmas cards, so it will always go down as one of my favorite ever.


All I can say about this picture is, next time i'm bored with my hair and want to chop it all, please kindly remind me not to. Thanks ;) Also, this was our first married Christmas and will always be the most special card to me for that very reason.


I wish this dress still fit. I also can't believe there was a time Jake wasn't my husband! I remember just beaming with pre-wedding excitement this time of 2013 and reading our year in review just brings that all back!


Yet even more clothing that no longer fits ;) We also refer to this as our "photoshop Christmas" where we look literally painted in! My teeth are not that white in person. This was also our first Christmas in Arkansas, and it was a lonely one being away from family...but it was also the year Jake asked me to be his wife so despite being away, it was easily the best Christmas gift I ever received! 


Get ready to cringe, ya'll. ;) Despite the fact that it was probably 85 in San Diego and I was wearing a peacoat and scarf, these poses just kill me!!! We were fresh into our first home and I was so excited to send out Christmas cards for the first time!

Honorable Christmas Mentions:


It does NOT get better than matching flannel and 2 16 year old baby faces!


I swear Jake just gets more and more handsome each year..it's not even fair! Our first year out of school (well, mine at least) and feeling like real grown ups!


The year Jacob asked me to be his Wife We watched the video the other night for the first time in FOREVER and I cried my little eyes out. We looked like Children, lawwd how these babies have aged us! But I will forever be so in love with this man and our life together!


LOOK AT MY LITTLE BABY AX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I miss when he was a sweet tiny puppy!!

Our little man's first Christmas! We were overtired, overwhelmed, and so, so in love. 

Now i'm going to go cry into my pillows because of all the wonderful memories i'm reliving through this post! No matter how hectic, this time of year really is magical, isn't it? I love how having this blog gives me the opportunity to look back on Christmas past and where we were at in our lives at that time. It's crazy to think that next year, i'll be writing about how I can't believe there was a time we didn't have our little girl. Next year there will be FIVE OF US! One more kid and we can officially call ourselves a half-dozen Roses ;) What a joy it is to share these memories with you! 

I'm off work the next few days so I plan to shoot our Christmas home tour and get it up on Friday, just in time for a little last minute celebrating. :) Thank you for following along!

Until Next Time,


  1. You guys are so sweet ! Love of the photos , thanks for sharing ��
    Happy Holidays


  2. Hi Kylie! Merry Christmas! I have been reading your blog for a little while and I really love it! your sweet girly spirit is just so heartwarming! I love reading about how much you adore your family! I also love how you keep it real and still find the good in everything! Your blog is just the sweetest and makes me smile!! Thank you! Merry Christmas!
    Tricia (mtgbb98@gmail.com)
    from Ky