02 November 2016

Fall Family Photos & Sawyer is ONE!

Ya'll, I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your kind and thoughtful messages about the announcement of our second pregnancy. I think the months of keeping it secret are so fun because you're keeping something so big from so many people, it's almost like being sneaky when you're a kid, but nothing compares to the excitement of sharing with those you love! It has made this all feel so real to us.

On Sawyer's birthday, we snuck away with our friends who were in town to take a few family pictures and some one year old shots of our lumberjack! It's been a crazy warm October so we were all sweating but as usual, Sawyer was hamming it up and I just love how these pictures turned out!

Since becoming pregnant, i've basically been useless. Just surviving work, motherhood, and the amount of times I throw up a day has felt like a herculean effort, and Jake has picked up all of my slack so wonderfully. He has taken over bathtime and dishes and does so much more than his fair share of housework, and there have been SO many times I want to post an instagram or a facebook note just to shout to the world how much I appreciate him, but you guys, we haven't taken a picture just the two of us SINCE JULY. As a blogger, and an oversharer by nature, it's odd for me to have no pictures of just the two of us, but Sawyer takes center stage in almost every picture these days ;) It was so important to me to grab a couple snaps of just us and my growing belly because he truly is my other half and the love of my life and i'm so grateful that I get to experience life with him.

Halfway through writing this post, i've just realized it's going to be a long one. My sweet little guy is one. ONE! How is that even possible?! I am going to dedicate an entire post to his monthly photos and milestones next week, but I can't finish this out without shouting from the rooftops how incredible this last year has been.

I genuinely feel like all anyone ever tells you is how hard parenthood is. And it's true, it does have it's hard moments. But they don't even come close to the good ones. From the overwhelming joy and love so deep it feels like it will rip you in half, to the sleepless nights and explosive dirty diapers, i've enjoyed every single second of being this kid's mom.

Every night I beg God to keep him safe, to teach me how to be the mother that Sawyer needs, and I desperately thank him for the incredible blessing Sawyer is to my life. He is hysterical, rough, loving, and an absolute treasure.

I mean, these eyelashes! He is constantly referred to as a girl by strangers despite the amount of plaid or camo his dad puts him in, but I just shake it off cause he is one beautiful baby and I get the mistake ;)

This last year was amazing. I didn't blog as much, I never lost all my baby weight, I cried more than I'd like to admit, but BOY did I enjoy it. Mom life is the best life.

Until Next Time,


  1. I know...it really is, isn't it? My babes are 15 months old and I've truly enjoyed every single second. Congrats on the new babe--Irish twins!

  2. Hi Kylie, your family is so cute and congratulations on your new baby as well. I recently watched your hair dye video and was wondering if you still use the same hair dye and what your hair color was before. I really like the hair color on you and have been wanting to dye my hair that color for awhile, but I'm nervous it will turn out too dark.

  3. Wow, your family look really happiness, and congratulations on the new baby :)

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