31 October 2016

Boo! Here Comes Baby Number TWO!

Over labor day weekend, I caught a terrible virus. My temperature rose to 104, my tonsils were so swollen they were practically touching and I felt like I was knocking on death's door. I went into Urgent Care hoping for some relief, and in my check-in they asked the usual questions, "how much do you weigh, what medicine are you taking, when was your last period?"...I totally didn't have an answer for that last question. I was still nursing full-time and hadn't had a regular cycle so I didn't think too much of it, just begged the doctor for some medicine (which he didn't give me...grr) and went on my way.

That night, around 3:00 AM I woke up and couldn't shake out of my brain that I really didn't know the last time I had a period. I thought it would probably be safe if I just took a test so I could stop thinking about it. I knew I had one somewhere from when we were trying (desperately!) to get pregnant with Sawyer, so I found it deep in the medicine cabinet, peed on it, and went back to sleep. Ain't nobody got time to wait for that thing to develop in the middle of the night! Plus, there was not an ounce of my being that thought it might be positive.

That morning I woke up to get ready for work, and groggily went to my vanity to put on my makeup, and I had to rub my eyes 4 times. No WAY was that a second pink line. Are you kidding me?! WHAT!? Am I dreaming still? Once it registered that the test I had taken at 3:00 AM was indeed positive I just started hysterically laughing and ran into our bedroom screaming "IM FREAKING PREGNANT."

Jake stared at me and immediately thought I was full of it. He looked at me  and said "haha, what crazy symptom do you have now" and I threw the pee-stick at him and said "a positive pregnancy test." To which he responded, "well, you have been really sick lately, do you think that made it positive?!" and I had to explain to him that it doesn't really work like that...you don't catch a cold and a baby all in one fell swoop. ;)

It took a few days for it to really sink in, but when I finally got in to the doctor a few weeks later, we found out that I was just about 6 weeks along when we found out, and I was just in complete shock! We immediately saw our little blob baby and his/her heartbeat flickering away and it was a really exciting feeling knowing we were doing this all over again.

I think I am just about 13 weeks now, with a due date of early May. Since we aren't all that sure of when we conceived, we're going off that first Ultrasound which wasn't all that great. We have another appointment on Thursday and will have a more exact due date/weeks estimate then!

The second pregnancy is so much different than the first. I am still violently throwing up daily, exactly like I did with Sawyer, but it just feels so much worse this time because I am chasing after that toddler tornado! (omg. i just called him a toddler) I also started showing crazy early, and i'm already completely in maternity clothes because just about nothing fits. It's so weird how much quicker your belly pops out! It is also flying by. Every second of my pregnancy with Sawyer seemed to take an eternity, and I was so worried about everything going wrong. This time, however, I feel like it's flying by and I am so much more at ease knowing, God's got this under control.

I wanted to wrap up by sending a big hug-to-the-heart of all you ladies out there dealing with infertility, loss, or heartbreak surrounding pregnancy. I remember as we tried to get pregnant with Sawyer absolutely detesting the women who got pregnant by "surprise!" and feeling like it was a direct punch to the gut every time I read something like that. I wanted my dear friends who are feeling this way to know, my heart is with you. I know I am not walking the same journey, but my heart is so with you and i'm praying daily that you get your miracle. It's a journey that is unbelievably rough in a way I can't possibly understand, but I hope I can offer a small token of love to you.

Thank you all so much for reading, if you have any other questions, snap them to me: @absolutelykylie . Our little lumberjack came down with a bit of a cold so I think we will be staying in this halloween, so I will do a little q&a later tonight. :)

Until Next Time,


  1. Oh wow!! How exciting! Congratulations!!

  2. CONGRATS! That is amazing and such a cute story :)

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