17 August 2016

Guest Bathroom Update & Budget Check In

Hey, ya'll!

Happy Hump Day. Seriously, it was high-time for me to share what's been happening in our guest bath! I have been totally snap-happy with all of the progress, but haven't done much to update you over here on the blog since sharing the Mood board a few weeks back.

For real-time updates, be sure to follow along on snap @absolutelykylie but in the meantime, lets break it down!

We are so close to finished I can practically taste it! I seriously underestimated how much I would detest either walking up or down stairs to use the restroom. It's the only bathroom we have on the main floor of the house, so it's been a pain in the booty (literally. stairs make your rear sore) to have to go up and down a million times a day.

We have been lucky to face minimal issues along the way. Demo day went easy, we were a little bummed because we wanted to save the cabinetry to donate to Habitat for Humanity Restore, but they were literally glued onto the walls (wtf?) so we had to take a sledgehammer to them. Which was a little fun, I can't lie ;)

We ripped up tile and backer board, scraped popcorn ceiling, and patched and repaired walls, and finally it was time to get to work.

Our tile came in (which I love so much I could lick it! but I won't because its a bathroom floor, and ..gross) and Jake installed it all in a weekend. We painted with leftover paint from our Master Bedroom (Ben Moore Greystone) and last weekend we got started on installing the beadboard.

This was really our only issue of the project so far. We had planned to do board and batten with cheap hardboard, but the after spending an hour at Lowes we found out they did not have the thickness we would need and it would have to be special ordered. I really didn't want to special order something that would set us behind 2-3 weeks, so we changed the game plan and purchased some 1/4th inch thick breadboard instead. It is almost completely installed, and tonight we'll go ahead and slap on the trim pieces, fill and caulk, and hopefully get the toilet installed tomorrow! HOORAY FOR A PLACE TO PEE!

As for the budget, we've gone a little of course, I won't lie. Our original budget was $1000.00 for the entire room, which is pretty conservative when you figure we took that room down to the drywall. I did my best to find deals for most of our finishes and decor, but we did splurge a little in some areas because this is our forever house and the only remodel we can afford this year, so lets make it exactly how we want. As it stands this is where we're at:

Tile: 150
Tile Supplies (grout, quickset etc.): 100
Beadboard & Supplies: 130
Mirror: 90
Light Fixture: 180 (eek this was a major splurge but it's PERFECT!)
Sink: 90
Toilet: 200 (on sale!)
Faucet: 40

Total Spent So Far: $980.00

I already went decor shopping and fixture shopping and spent a bit there as well, but i'll save that for the reveal post. Don't forget to check Snap for real-time fixer upper action!

Until Next Time,


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