07 March 2016

Lovin' Sawyer for 4 whole months

I think I say this every month, but really, time is just flying by.

Our sweet boy is 4  months old, and the last month has truly been better than ever! I remember thinking that the day he was born was the best day of my life, but it doesn’t even come close to every day we get to spend with him now. Every day is such a radical adventure! I feel like each morning that he wakes up he is a new and different baby, and watching him discover the world is truly the greatest.

He had his 4 month well baby check this morning, and is a whopping 17 pounds, 11 ounces! Sawyer has some chunk on him like you wouldn’t believe! I love every little roll! In the bath we literally have to separate his rolls to make sure we’re cleaning in between them, or else our baby gets a little funky ;)

Sawyer laughs, plays, and loves everyone who gives him attention. I think every parent feels like this, but he really is such a chill little baby. Everywhere we take him people comment on the fact that he just hangs out and is happy to be in your lap! He is quite the needy boy, though. He loves to be held. Like 24-7. Sawyer still hates tummy time, but loves playtime on the floor as long as you’re sitting with him. He is starting to grab his toys, and of course, everything goes straight into his mouth! 

This kid LOVES his wubanub, and we have them in every room of the house. Trust me, you don’t want to risk being without one when the over-tired tantrum strikes. J He frustrates himself daily, though, because he loves sucking on his paci, but is starting to grab and play with everything, so he is constantly pulling it out of his mouth, and then getting mad at us like we took it away from him!

He is a total daddy’s boy, just looking at Jake across the room is enough to light this kid up. He loves when mama kisses his belly and will giggle the entire time. He hasn’t mastered rolling over yet, we think it’s because that big ole belly gets in the way ;) If we give him a little boost, he can roll himself the rest of the way, but hasn’t yet done it on his own. 

His eyes are big, brown, and beautiful, with eyelashes that touch the top of his eyebrows. Why are all the good eyelashes wasted on boys?! J He loves to play with my brother Kaedyn, and singing songs with mom and grandma during the week.

Work is going really well. I think I’ve learned that I don’t think being a full-time stay at home mom is for me. I really enjoy getting out of the house and being needed for things other than diaper duty and cuddles, as wonderful as those things are.  I’m on a reduced salary working a 4 day week right now, and this will continue through April. It’s working really well, and I’ll be honest, I’m absolutely terrified to go back to a 5 day work week. My ultimate dream would be to work a part-time schedule forever, but right now it’s just not in the cards. I really trust in God’s plan though, and I truly think we’re right where he wants us in this season of life. In the meantime, I soak up every single morning, night, and free moment I can with my baby boy.

Sleep has been amazing- he finally got the hang of things! He goes down at 8:00 every night, and usually wakes about 3 or 4 for a little snack and drifts right back off to sleep. I am in no hurry for him to drop this middle of the night feeding though. Those are some of my favorite cuddles, and nursing my sleeping baby really soothes my soul.

Little man is still exclusively breastfed, and it’s going really well. I feel incredibly lucky that we never had any big obstacles other than mastitis in the beginning.  We’re going to hold off on solids until 6 months, so for now, I’m still a milk maid! J

Things I don’t want to forget this month:

His giggle
The way his hands open and close looking for toys
When we unswaddle him in the morning, the way his arms stretch up and he makes a little duck face that melts your soul
How he gets these big bursts of excitement and shakes his legs while smiling
His curious eyes, and how he seems to always be “taking it all in”
Those rare naptimes where he falls asleep on my chest and I feel like I could hold him forever.

You guys, being his mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t know that anything ever will be able to compare to the deep, all-consuming love I have for all 17 pounds of him. We are blessed!

Thank you for following along!

Until Next Time,


  1. Yes! Why DO boys get all the good lashes?! It's crap I tell ya ;) Seriously loving the changing pad cover...mind sharing where you got it from? I love the multi piece look and would love one in a nautical print or for whenever we plan for #3 :|

    1. They totally do!!! I'm so sorry for the late reply- this is actually a quilt that a friend made for Sawyer! It does have a nautical vibe ;)

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