26 October 2015

A Little Update

Well, hello, friends!

I wanted to pop in with one last update before I leave you hanging for a little while. If you follow me on Snapchat @absolutelykylie or instagram (@roseandcoblog) then you already know this, but hopefully, this time tomorrow, we'll either have our little boy, or be mighty close to meeting him!

At 4:00 AM tomorrow, we check in to be induced, and I am just the biggest mess of emotions! The last few weeks of pregnancy have been truly brutal, and i'm so beyond ready to be done and have our son here with us, but then again, it's totally terrifying to think about the fact that after tomorrow, we're responsible for keeping more than our dog alive. :) 

At our last doctor appointment a week ago, I was 3.5 dilated and 90% effaced, and she said that she would be surprised if we made it to our induction date, but lo and behold, about a million contractions, and a whole lot of "I don't want to do this anymore!" tears, he is still cozy as can be in there, so we will start the process of bringing him out in the morning! I feel totally at peace with the decision, as I am already very progressed towards welcoming him into this world, and it is completely surreal how calm and exciting today is.

Jake and I are spending our last day just the two of us, preparing around the house, packing (and repacking) the hospital bag, and then hitting up the early bird special for our last dinner as just a married couple. It's the most perfect way to wrap up the most blessed time in our lives.

Can I ask a favor? Would you keep us in your prayers tomorrow? Pray for peace and calm, as well as a smooth induction process. If you could also pray that baby Sawyer stays healthy as can be through the labor & delivery, and that the healing begins quickly once he is out! 

I plan to be back to blogging in just a few weeks, with some sporadic updates here and there, so make sure to check back!

It has been a privilege sharing this Pregnancy Journey with you, and I can hardly wait for what is to come as we embark on parenthood.

Thank you all so much for reading!

Until Next Time,


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope all goes smoothly and you guys can enjoy this special time! Early congrats to y'all and I can't wait to hear how it all goes =)

  2. Best of luck for today, and I hope all is plain sailing for you :) Nettie

  3. Good luck today!!!!! Thinking of y'all :)

  4. This is such a sweet post! You are seriously glowing, girl! Good luck! XO


    1. Thank you for the luck, lady! I felt it! :) xo!

  5. Congratulatoins!!! Such adorable pictures on your insta. Enjoy every minute!

  6. Oh, I hope all is well with you and the fam! It's is definitely a wonderful new adventure, but a MAJOR learning curve for sure! I'm still figuring out when I'll be able to get around to posting regularly again!

    1. 5 weeks later and i'm JUST starting to get the hang of things. Once we figure one thing out, a new thing pops up! But it is oh-so-wonderful!