05 September 2014

Fashion Friday: Holy Chic

holy chic

red blazer

graphic tee

leopard clutch

chunky bracelets

crystal earrings

cat eye sunglasses

fashion blogger

red lips

holy chic

Blazer: TJ Maxx Find; Similar (affordable!): Here // Holy Chic: Old Navy also loving this // Jeans: Juicy Couture // Shoes: Nine West (old) similar: Here (on sale!) // Leopard Clutch: Not online, loving this // Earrings: Charlotte Russe (Such a steal) // Bracelets: Charlotte Russe // Sunglasses: ZeroUV

Happy Friday, lovely ladies!

The best part of a long weekend (other than the fact that it's a long weekend) is the short week that follows. I am SO looking forward to another weekend of house projects and time with my honey! Do you have any fun plans? Soaking up the last few weekends of warm?

This outfit is one of my favorites for classing up an otherwise casual look. Seriously, throwing a blazer over anything makes it instantly fancy. Just ask Iggy...she will tell you. If your shirt reads something cute like "Holy Chic" you might want to make sure the blazer doesn't cover up the cute words, making it " Ol Chi" I don't know what Ol Chi is.

Speaking of cute shirts, I had to jump on the Old Navy Tee train. I picked up several a few weekends back when they were on sale for only 5 bucks a piece! Can you even beat that? The answer is...nope! Also, did you notice that this is the week of sock buns? Geeze! They're everywhere. #igot99problemsbutabunaintone

These baby wedges are also the comfiest pair I own. The pointed toe makes them feel classy, but the little baby heel means they love your feet! I walk a million miles during my workweek, and I can wear these without any pain by the end of the day.

As for those last 2 pictures...lets just say my husband is hilarious (at least he thinks so). When we take these outfit pictures he stands behind the camera saying ridiculous things like "rawr...make love to the camera...be fierce...BE FIERCE!" and I just can't handle it. ;)

I hope you guys have the most beautiful weekend! If you are interested in any of this outfit, you can shop it below!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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  1. Honestly, these may be the single greatest t-shirts ever invented. I wore all four of mine the first four days they arrived ;)

  2. I just got that tee!! And I agree that blazers instantly make outfits fancy.

  3. seriously this is such a cute outfit! love dressing up a simple t-shirt!!!


    1. Dressing up a sweatshirt is totally the way to go! Hope you're having a great first day back at school, Alina!