13 August 2014

Wedding back up: when your plans don't go as planned!

Morning, Readers!

So there is something I never talked a bunch about on the blog, and today, i'm breaking the silence. Our wedding week. dun.dun.duuuuuuuuuun.

Okay just joking. That is not a dramatic subject. It was really an excellent week, but there are certainly some things you should know and plan for. Especially when it comes to the biggest day of your entire life. 

For starters, you will be crazy. You and your husband to be might not be feeling overly loving that week. I know we weren't. I actually said on multiple occasions, "this week just doesn't feel how I thought it would! I'm not emotional at all...is this how it's supposed to be?!" Don't worry my friends, the emotions will catch up with you. Just try to laugh off your crazy and remember the fun that is to come on the weekend. (and if you don't laugh off the crazy...he might run for the hills before the wedding gets here...so remember this one)

cute couple

You will need help. This is obvious, but there is a giant chance it's even more help than you anticipated. We recruited Jake's handsome little brother who was home from college to help us unload, and both he and Jake were DRIPPING in sweat! You need to save room in your wedding budget to take these kind people who help you to lunch. Or at least buy them some booze.

our story begins here

All your decor might not fit inside your vehicle. Our venue was 1.5 hours away from our family's home in San Diego. So that meant we were definitely going to try to make it in one trip. Problem was, all our shit, DID NOT FIT. So Josh (handsome brother in law) sat on top of boxes, had boxes in his lap, and propped his feet up on boxes the entire 1.5 hour drive. On second thought, maybe you should make room for booze and lunch. I recommend renting a van. Or at least asking the creepy drug dealer down the way if you can borrow his...

wedding venue

The Tux might not fit. This is a big one, y'all. HEAR MY WORDS...DO NOT wait until the day before your wedding to have your fella try on his tux. This was my original plan, we were going to wait until the day before and then head up to the venue for our rehearsal. Wrong! So wrong. Jake ended up asking if we could go 2 days before "just to be safe" and thank god we did because he was SWIMMING in his original jacket. It was a full day before we had the new one and we would have been SOL if we would have waited.

vera wang tux

For heavens sake, go out for a drink. You will need it. We stopped by one of our favorite breweries back home for some beers with the family, and it was so what we needed to blow off steam before the big day.

local brewery

DO NOT pick a brand new nail salon for your wedding nails. That is a bad plan. I picked this one because they had cocktails in their name, and if there is one thing that goes along with a mani/pedi it's cocktails. Worst.experience.ever. It was 260 degrees in there, and they had no air conditioning, and it was AN HOUR past our appointment before they had us in the chairs. She left the callous remover on my feet too long so the entire honeymoon my feet were peeling (gross) and she also forgot to give me a massage. SHE FORGOT MY MASSAGE PEOPLE. #firstworld But really, go somewhere you've been before. It will be a much better experience.

pedicures and cocktails

Have a backup in case you're not as pinteresty as you thought you were. We made all our floral arrangements by hand, and they looked amazing. But I had a florist on speed dial in case this didn't work out. It was one of my biggest stressers that week worrying if our flowers would turn out cute, so I just recommend having someone that knows what they're doing on call in case your plan doesn't work out.

diy flower arrangments

This is a big one. HAVE A REHEARSAL! This is just a duh statement. Don't show up on your wedding day without one. Also, INSIST that you practice every last thing you're unsure about. We didn't practice the timing on our "walk down the aisle" song, and I ended up coming in at the completely wrong moment on the day of. No one noticed but us, and trust me, it was the last thing either of us were thinking of once those doors opened, but we do wish we would have practiced it at the rehearsal.

wedding aisle doors

Don't stress if everyone can't make it to your wedding. Things come up, and it might kill you a little bit that someone RSVP'd yes, and then didn't show up, or someone had a sick kid and couldn't make it, but really, your day will go on! You can always enlist the help of a company like Dropcam to live stream your wedding, so that those who are out of town or can't make it can still be a part of the magic.

tulle skirt

Above all, savor every single moment. Laugh when your husband says the vows wrong, cry when your sister makes the most beautiful toast you've ever heard, and die of embarrassment when your dad talks about that time you pooped your pants on a camping trip. (yes, that.happened.) Everyone will tell you that the day is here and gone before you know it, and I can't say enough how true this is. We sat back and just watched the party, we took a moment to let it all soak in, and it still zipped on by. Remember that at the end of the day, all that matters is you're having the best day of your life, because you get to be married to your best friend, and it doesn't get better than that.

wedding photos

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

Dropcam asked me to let you guys in on their awesome service. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. Especially the one about savoring the day!

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  1. love it! I have to admit, I cried like 2 hours before, just because I needed a cry. Then, we went and took our pictures and got married :) Totally a crazy bride moment.

  2. All great tips! Your wedding looked so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Stacie! It was such a magical day. Looking back on it is the best! I really don't miss the stress though!


  3. All true! I thought the bridezilla thing wasn't something every bride goes through (at least to a certain extent during the weeks leading up to the wedding) until long enough after my wedding to realize how crazy I was that week. Our venue was also about 45 minutes from my family's house, and we had to fit everything in MULTIPLE cars. haha It was ridiculous, and I'm just thankful my family and friends didn't mind helping me with my insane amount of decorations.

    Your wedding turned out beautiful, isn't it nice to look back on?!