02 July 2014

My DIY Brooch Bouquet-On a Budget

Good morning, ladies!

 Welcome to Wedding Wednesday. What's that you say? You're sick to death of wedding posts?! ...Oops. Sorry, friends...but i've got some DIY wedding lovin' coming at you from all angles for awhile...so hopefully you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the glitter. 

Today will go down in history as the worst tutorial ever written. Okay, my tutorial might not be that bad but the pictures are awful. Except the gorg ones from our photogapher, Kris

While crafting my way through our engagement, I tried to take some pictures here and there, and this is one of those instances the pictures just didn't turn out so hot. I apologize...lets try to follow along. 

                        brooch bouquet

First, you're going to need to gather supplies. Obviously. I collected supplies for over a year, every time I saw some pretty flowers, or Hobby Lobby was sellin' em at 50% off I scooped em up. 

You will need:

  • Silk Flowers (Hobby Lobby is an excellent resource when they're 50% off!) I also picked them up at random places like Walmart, Michaels, and Craft Fairs throughout the year, compiling a bunch of flowers I absolutely loved. I really suggest getting a big fat flower like Hydrangea to act as a nice base, plus just one or two does the trick!
  • Brooches- Again, I collected here. However I bought some off of Ebay, Amazon, and Craft Fairs too at excellent discounts. Search "Brooch Lot" on Ebay for several matching brooches all together. But you've been warned, bidding on Ebay is SERIOUSLY addicting.
  • Sticky Floral Tape-Walmart
  • Floral Wire-Walmart
  • Silk Ribbon-Walmart
  • Lace Ribbon-Walmart
  • Floral Pearl Pins-Walmart
  • Wire Cutters-Walmart

I would say total I probably spent about $60.00 bucks on everything for the bouquet. I dont know if you've been to a florist lately, but you're lucky to spend that on flower girl petals so a bouquet at that price is a STEAL!

Step one-

Gather your flowers in a rough arrangement that you like. I had to rearrange and fluff a few times, but this is the best place to start. Wrap the "stems" in a bit of floral tape (it's very easily removed) to hold together.

penoie bouquet

Step Two:

Send a terrible cell phone pic of you smelling your fake flowers to your bridesmaids...

peony bouquet

Step Three:

It's time to give your brooches a stem! This is by far the most time consuming and annoying part of the entire project. You will need to take one piece of your floral wire, and loop it through your brooch, almost in half. From there, twist the wire together tight so it holds the brooch in place standing up. If your brooch is particularly heavy, you may need to use two piece of wire. It is helpful to have some needle nose pliers here to bend the wire, but you can certainly just use your fingers. Then, tightly wrap the wire in floral tape to create the "stem"

As you can see, if you hold the stem, the brooch should stand up on it's own. It also helps to watch Private Practice while you craft.

diy brooch bouquet

Step Four:

When all of your brooch stems are done (you may have lots more than me if you want a full brooch bouquet) It's time to start placing them in your bouquet! I removed the floral tape from the flowers, and just started sticking them in and rearranging until I had an arrangement I like. It's important to look at it from all different angles so you can see when brooches are too close together, or if you need to fluff a certain area.

Also, my dog was just an adorable little baby. I could seriously eat him he is so cute.

diy brooch bouquet

Step Five:

Hold your bouquet where you would for the wedding, and take some selfies! I'm not even being sarcastic about this part. It's really helpful to see the how it looks in photos, because that can be so different than when you're staring straight on. Please don't mind my horribly messy house either...that's real life, people.

pink brooch bouquet

Step Six:

If you're happy with your arrangement and you think it is the bee's knee's...wrap all of the stems in floral tape and then with your wire cutters, cut the bottoms so they're even.

pink bridal bouquet

pink brooch bouquet

diy pink bridal bouquet

Step Seven:

Which I obviously didn't picture before...is wrapping it in something pretty! First, I hot glued some pretty silk ribbon, which I then covered in a gorgeous lace ribbon. To mimic the buttons on my dress, I added some pearl corsage pins all the way up. I absolutely loved how it turned out!

diy pink bridal brooch bouquet

Step Eight:

Get married with your masterpiece and be proud of your bad bouquet makin' self!

diy bridal brooch bouquet

Oooh and a smooch or two never hurt anyone either ;)

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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  1. LOVE Private Practice!!! And, also love the bouquet as well ;) I would have never guessed it was silk! Look at your bad crafty self!

  2. I made a brooch bouquet this past weekend! Wrapping the wires WAS the most annoying thing ever!

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