03 July 2014

Master Bedroom Progress-Makeup Organization

Happy 4th of July Eve, friends!

The 4th of July is in my top 3 favorite holidays. Usually Halloween is my favorite until Christmas rolls around, then Christmas consumes my life, and then there is a long horrible winter in between me, a beer, and a 4th party on the lake...and that is what America is all about my friends. 

But in all seriousness, holy cow are we so blessed to live in the best Nation in the world. I love the saying "Home of the Free, because of the Brave." So while you're enjoying some adult beverages and all that is Red, White, and Blue...take a second to be grateful for the amazing men and women who keep us safe, and ensure John Hancock's signature isn't wasted. :)

Oh...P.S. if you follow me on Instagram (Kylieh23) you saw that my amazeballs husband bought me a Macbook Pro after our PC finally kicked the bucket. I have no idea what i'm doing. Seriously, just trying to figure out how to save these pictures took my hours last night. Help a sister out! What Mac tips could you not live without when you made the switch?!

Pretend I put in some super witty transition here, about the 4th of July and makeup and organization and Macbooks...

Makeup table time! This is in no way a reveal...just a little way to share with you some updates going on 
around the Rose home. 
                                      makeup table

When we were on our Honeymoon, I had all my makeup and hair products neatly lined up on a cute little desk in our cabin & hotel room. It was so nice to have it all organized and in front of me, and I knew as soon as we got home I needed to set out to recreate it.

makeup organization

You see, for the longest time, (as in...since my mama gave me my first lipstick in middle school) i've been doing my makeup in bed. I am not a morning person, so given the chance to cuddle between the sheets for a 20 extra minutes became a habit that stuck with me for nearly 10 years.

pink bridesmaids robes

best makeup brushes

With all white bedding, and a white headboard...we saw our fare share of bleach from all the makeup stains. But no more my friends! This chick officially has her es h eye tee together and a proper place to put on my face!

bath and body works gelato candle

Unrelated...did you snag yourself some Bath and Body candles during their semi-annual sale? You know I stocked up. We're set for the rest of summer!

organized makeup

This small pull out drawer houses a lot of goodies divided by clear acrylic organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond.

organized makeup drawer

makeup brush storage

These cute little brush cups are actually toothbrush holders from Homegoods, and I just took out the center divider and they're working perfectly!

makeup storage solution

This mirror is also a Homegoods find, and the acrylic drawers were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. Oh and a cute little reminder of the best day of my life, my brooch bouquet in the back.

vanity decor

organized makeup drawer

makeup vanity space

The big white messed up looking mirror thing is a look for less waiting to happen...so stay tuned for that in the very near future. :)

I still need to find a comfy chair for this space and add some artwork...but it is definitely the first step in creating a master bedroom that we actually like to spend time in...rather than the dreary dungeon it is now.

Thank you for following along this morning! Now what are you still doing at work? Get out of your office and go have a little summer fun!

See you Monday,

xo Kylie

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  1. Wow, this looks great, girl! I love all the white accessories, especially those frames you have!
    How nice it will be to do your makeup there!

  2. Love the makeup vanity, super cute!

    As for a Macbook, just come to understand that once you've learned a few tips & tricks it will be your absolute new best friend. I have a Macbook pro, iMac, iPad and iPhone and have to come to learn some along the way. First... use the multiple desktops feature (press F3, move cursor to top right corner and hit +. Now swipe between pages!). Google "apple keyboard shortcuts" and swear by it till it's second nature. That should make you're life a bit easier!

    1. Oh Kristin, you have no idea how much those shortcuts have helped me! Mac is a whole new world, and i'm slowly but surely starting to LOVE it!


  3. Where did you get makeup organizer on top of vanity?? Love it!

  4. Where did you get your make up table?
    Love it!

  5. Hey Sheila! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments and for stopping by! I'm so glad to have you!

    The table was so affordable! Only 60 dollars from amazon, and it has worked great! It certainly isn't the most high quality piece of furniture i've ever owned, but you get what you pay for I guess. Just search "white parsons table" on amazon and lots of options should pop up!

    Thanks again for coming by!


  6. This is beautiful!
    I definitely would have featured it in my Vanity Special.

    We are working on the night stand so if you have that and want to be featured, contact me.

    Keep in Touch(ed),

    1. Thank you so much, Khloe! What an awesome compliment!

      When do you plan to have your nightstand feature go live? We're redoing our master bedroom as we speak, and i'd love to participate! Please feel free to email me!


  7. I love this! What did you do for a stool?

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