23 July 2014

Look for less #4- Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror for SIXTEEN bucks!

large mirror diy

Good morning you wonderful readers, you! I'm SO excited to be back for ANOTHER awesome Look for Less challenge, with some of my favorite L4L ladies. Remember the tray we made back in April? That was the easiest look for less of all time, and this one takes second place.

framed mirror

If you remember, I revealed my makeup storage last week, and as you can see, this mirror situation was a pretty pathetic. I knew I wanted to make a huge 22x28 mirror that I saw in a PB catalog ages ago, but I was not about to shell out $199.00 dollars for something I was going to look at myself in.

diy carved frame

Enter...look for less! This giant open frame was purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! Making it only 15 dollars. But don't worry, if they aren't on sale, you can always grab a 40% off coupon for a fantastic discount. This mirror was the best find EVER! It was a whopping ONE dollar at my local dollar tree. Yes, you heard me, just ONE!

cheap mirror

Since these mirrors are so cheap, I just used a box cutter to score the back and rip the cardboard off.

exacto knife

My original plan was to remove the mirror from the frame, and use hot glue (you know...because all good crafts involve hot glue) to fit it perfectly inside the frame. But once I got to trying to remove the adhesive, I realized it would be WAY more difficult that anticipated. Enter: super good lookin' husband with a drill ;)

black and decker drill

Don't get me wrong, ladies, i'm perfectly capable of operating a drill and doing it myself, but someone had to take the pictures, and I just couldn't resist getting a picture of that wedding ring. Newlyweds, barf ;)

All we did was mark where the thickest part of the frame was, to ensure our screw didn't go through, and we screwed through the plastic into the wooden frame, securing the mirror perfectly.

makeup table

Pretty! No more gap! Now I have the best place to do my makeup and hair in the morning, it costs next to nothing to create. :)

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GORGEOUS, right?! I literally can't even handle how talented and amazing my friends are!

Now we want to see what YOU made for less! Do you have a project that you got super thrifty on, and it turned out great?! Show us!!

The Rules? They're simple!

  1. Follow each challenge host somehow; any way is fine! 
  2. Link your Look for Less project below, and be sure to include your email!  
  3. Make sure your post has an image or link of your designer inspiration.  
  4. By entering a link, you're giving us permission to feature and image on our blogs 
We're going to pick our favorite, and BOOM! 60 dollars to tarjaaay will be on it's way to you! I know there are some projects i'd love to do with an extra 60 bucks to one of my favorite places!

Thank you guys so much for stoppin by! Make sure you link up!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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  1. Beautiful job, girl. And for only $16, that's a steal! Thanks for being so awesome.

  2. What would we do without husbands who support our crazy DIYness? The mirror is gorgeous, and it looks awesome with your vanity set up! Those carved mirrors seriously are not cheap -- love it!

  3. Dollar store is the bomb!! I go in to ours so often they know my name....
    This looks fabulous and no shame in using the hubs for projects, remember they need to feel like we need them ;)

  4. Love it!! My husband and I did something similar...well, if we're being honest, HE did something similar...you know those huge floor mirrors that are like a million dollars? He just took some basic wood, made a simple frame, painted/stained it the color we wanted it, and then we took one of those cheapo back-of-the-door mirrors and did basically the same thing you did with this one - attached it to the back. And boom, a giant floor mirror for like 20-30 bucks.

    Love your makeup table, too! I'd kill to have room for that, I'm still doing my makeup bent over the bathroom sink like a hobo. ;)

  5. Your vanity set up is beautiful! The mirror really sets it all off perfectly and to think it was your PB knock off! Awesome job!
    ~ Robin

  6. that mirror looks perfect with all your vanity decor! Great job!

  7. That frame is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for inviting us to join in the challenge!

  8. LOVE how you have the mirror leaned, and what a genius idea to use a DOLLAR store mirror! Great job!

  9. Love this Kylie! Definitely has the wheels in my mind turning...never a good thing ;)

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