21 July 2014

2 Ingredient Puddin' Pops!

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Happy Monday, all! I can't believe how quick this summer is going by! Before we know it we will be preparing for the Holidays. Siiiggghhhh. (I may have picked up some discount Halloween decor this weekend...don't judge)

cookies and cream pops

In the meantime, however, it is H-O-T in Northwest Arkansas, and that means tasty frozen treats to cool down. These pudding pops are so easy a monkey could make them. (is there a video out there somewhere of a monkey cooking? I feel like that's a thing...)

jello pudding pops

All you need for these babies is some Instant pudding, milk, and of course your favorite Wet-Nap product (click HERE for .55 cents off Walmart's already low prices! **while supplies last) to clean sticky fingers AND messy counter tops.

jello pudding

Follow the package instructions to whip up your instant pudding. Don't forget to lick the whisk...that's important. ;)

instant pudding

We used good ol' chocolate fudge, and delicious cookies and cream.

wet nap

After mixin' up the pudding, you'll likely have some spills (or pudding all over your face if you're like me, and adult who eats like a child...ha!) I love Wet-Nap products because they're so affordable, and great for quick wiping down the counters, but even better for cleaning fingers and faces! So many times Antibacterial can dry out your skin, but Wet-Nap is formulated with aloe to keep your summer tan moisturized!


I broke out my frozen Zoku (if you don't have one of these, get one...pronto!) However, you can use any Popsicle mold you have on hand. Or Dixie cups!


Zoku works best if you put your sticks in first, so...that's what I did!

Transfer your pudding to a plastic bag, and snip the tip.

cookies and cream

Poor it into your pop maker (even if it's just dixie cups and popsicle sticks!)


Zoku works SUPER fast...7 minutes and your pops are frozen! While the froze, I cleaned up the sticky pudding from my fingers and counter top. The citrus scented wipes smell so good!

home made cookies and cream ice cream

I love the single serve wipes! Perfect to serve to little ones. I also throw 'em in my lunch box every day for easy clean up.

cookies and cream pops

The chocolate didn't even make it to pictures without a taste test. SO GOOD!

home made pudding pops

I'm telling you, you have to go out this week and make these! It's the easiest dessert ever, and so, so tasty. Don't forget to grab your favorite Wet-Nap product while you're out! I found them in the napkin/paper goods aisle at my favorite Walmart, and you know that meant it was the best price around. Don't forget to grab your .55 cents off coupon by clicking HERE! **while supplies last

What's your favorite summertime dessert? Have you started preparing for Fall like I have? Let me know!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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  1. Um, those look freaking DELICIOUS. And I think I need one of those popsicle makers in my life. I have so many popsicle ideas pinned to Pinterest...and no popsicle molds, haha.