09 June 2014

DIY Aztec Tote Bag-on the cheap! {Guest Post}

Hello my favorite friends! I'd like to welcome Rachel from Like a Saturday to share with us today! Her blog is chalk-full of the most gorgeous DIY that makes me swoon. If you get a chance, check out her bathroom tune up, her sweet painted details are drool-worthy! Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

Hi, y'all! I'm Rachel from Like a Saturday. I blog about all things crafty, DIY, and home decor. My husband and I have spent the lat 5 years turning our little blank slate house into a home. It's a never ending process, but we love it! I'm so happy to be here at Absolutely Arkansas today while Kylie and her brand new hubs are honeymoon-ing it up!

I've definitely gotten on board with the Aztec and tribal prints trend that is just about everywhere these days. My husband is not so much on board with it, so I have to find creative ways to sneak it in here and there {i.e. clothing and hand bags instead of home decor}. During one of my weekly Target trips {where everybody knows your name...}, I spotted an adorable tote bag with a colorful Aztec print. It was one of those moments where you debate back and forth in your head... "It's so cute...but I could probably make something like this..but it's so cute!". I left it behind that day and never saw the bag in stores again. Perhaps the Universe's way of telling me to get on that DIY train. ;)
Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

So! Today I'm sharing how you can make your very own Aztec tote bag! It won't cost you very much at all, especially if you have some of the supplies on hand already like I did. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

You will need a canvas tote bag, stencil blanks {or freezer paper if you choose to try that method}, a sharpie, Xacto knife, craft paint, and a foam stencil brush. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

First, you will need to create a stencil on either a stencil blank or by using the freezer paper method. I had  a package of stencil blanks on hand, so I went with that. Find a pattern or two online that you like and can trace, or create your own. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

Cut out your stencil using an Xacto knife. Be sure to have some cardboard underneath to protect your surface. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

Arrange your stencil on top of your bag. Using masking tape to secure if you are using a traditional stencil. Iron on the freezer paper if you are going that route. Prep your paint by mixing craft paint colors of your choice with the textile medium. Follow the directions on the package. Mine called for a ratio of 2 parts medium to 1 part paint. 

Stick a piece of poster board or card board inside the bag to prevent bleeding.

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

When stenciling, I like to start at the edges and work from top to bottom.

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

Once all of the edges have been painted, I fill in the middle. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

If you are going to be repeating a pattern by using the same stencil, wipe it off in between applications so you don't get paint smudges. 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

It's as easy as that! You'll have an adorable Aztec print bag in no time! 

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

Make your own Aztec Tote Bag

These are perfect for the summer! You can use them at the beach, at the pool, for library books, or even as a gift bag! 
Thanks again to Kylie for having me today! Y'all can find me on my blog at Like a Saturday or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :)



Thank you, Rach! Your bag is so darn cute! Perfect for a beach or lake day!

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  1. So cute! Rachel you are so creative. Love this!!

    1. Isn't she amazing?! I just love this for a beach bag, its perfect!


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