16 December 2013


Hey there, readers!

 Merry Monday to you. My computer bit the dust this week, so i've been lacking in the posts but i'm here to remedy that! I've got a slew of funsies for you before the Christmas week...so lets get to it!

Please enjoy a giant iPhone-dump of all the things that happened our week of being snowed in: 

First of all, no one ever told me that a new puppy is a lot like a new baby. I'm constantly cleaning up shit, he wakes up every 2 hours to go outside, I have to vacuum every 5 minutes, toys everywhere, but when you get those sweet cuddles...you no longer care.

So yeah. I'm saying it. A puppy is like a baby except you don't get maternity leave and they don't have diapers to catch the disgusting things that come out of them!

Axl meets Kaedyn. They're best friends! Except for the choke hold Kaedyn tends to have Axl in..."Mom! Help me! Get me away from this Child!"

This dog is not allowed to sleep in the bed. But he literally does not give a single ef about rules, or about make room for me.

Those puppy snuggles. :)

Axl's first trip to the vet. I literally cried real tears when they gave him shots. It was so sad. I promise to not be that person, I promise! Last you'll hear of it I swear. 

Anyways, for some further iPhone dump, here is my fam after our first "Fran" which is basically "thee" Crossfit Benchmark workout. We were proud we made it through and I made us commemorate with a picture.

This is the dress I bought for my Bachelorette party, and I had to selfie-it-up for my girlfriends to see. Sparkles + Tutu. Yes. Jake said that I look like a freak trying to be a fairy. I told him to suck it because I AM A FAIRY!

I chopped and organized all of our wedding invitations. I.LOVE.THEM. I am seriously sending them out February first even if that is technically a month early.

This is the pile to go back home for Christmas. I also finished wrapping this weekend...hot diggity dog!

And to wrap it all up, our week of being snowed in consisted of a lot of cocktails. This was my absolute favorite! You must make it. Like a vanilla-orange smoothie without the work. Next time there is fluffy white snow on the ground, make the most of it...get boozy :)

Tomorrow i'm sharing how I made our Christmas Card myself! And order 130 of them for a whopping 30 dollars! Boom! Come back. It will be fun :)



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  1. Love the pictures. You have the cutest dog :) and yes they are like babies. I love all of the pictures and love that dress!!! It's beautiful.

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  4. Cheerful Monday to you. My PC failed horrendously this week, so i've been inadequate in the presents however i'm here on cure that! I have a large number of funsies for you before the Christmas week...so lets get to it!

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  8. Love the pictures. You have the cutest dog :) and yes, they are like babies. I love all the pictures and I love this dress!!! It's beautiful.

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