17 December 2013

DIY those Christmas cards using PICMONKEY!


First, let me show you the finished product! I am so happy with how these turned out, and it could not of been any easier! For some reason the font is coming off hard to read in the above picture, but it was just fine on the paper copy!

On most websites, I find that Christmas cards come at minimum, .70 cents a card. That's too rich for my blood, when you consider you also have stamps to buy for those bad boys. Luckily, I made these in standard postcard size, and just ordered them as a "marketing material" from Vistaprint, and spent a whopping 18 dollars on 100 cards with my 25% off coupon. That is a HUGE savings! I couldn't of been more pleased! It may be a little late in the game, but I thought i'd share how you can do this yourself :)

Start in Picmonkey by creating a custom shape. Use the dimensions of a post card, in this case, 1677 x 1300 pixels.

Go to the "overlay" tab (butterfly) and click "add your own". Then you can select any picture you'd like to throw on the card. After that, go to "labels" and pick your favorite to start your card!

Select your favorite color :)

Now it gets pretty simple! Go to "fonts" and just start playing around with different fonts! I try not to use more than 3 to keep it from getting to cluttered.

Next, I went back into "overlays" to add another banner to my label.

Annnnddd back to fonts!

When my fonts were filled in, I added another banner around our picture. I wanted to make sure our colors matched, so to let you in on a little trick, simply click the grey box to the right, and it will give you a "dropper" you can then pick any color on the entire screen! This is my favorite trick EVER!

Play with your fonts until you get the look you're going for.

Now to start the "in review" part. First, you'll need to go to Google and search "royalty free ____ clip art" for any images that aren't already stored in Picmonkey. Then as you add them, you will simply select "your own" in overlay, and play around until you get the placement correct.

Just keep going with this pattern until you fill up your card!

PicMonkey has an AMAZING "Santa-Land" feature with TONS of overlays and themes to make it a little more festive I added a little gift at the bottom with our initials on it!

Finally, I went to "borders" and added a small white border along the edge, so when I uploaded to Vistaprint, nothing was cut off.

After that, all you'll need to do is save, and upload your cards into Vistaprint (or your favorite printer!) and you are good to go! Show me the savings, baby!  IMPORTANT NOTE- make sure when you save, you're saving as "Sean" which is the largest, clearest file so you don't have any resolution issues.

I made our wedding invitations, thank you cards, wedding programs, and menu books the same way, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. (and how much money I saved doing it myself!)

I sure hope you'll come back tomorrow for an AMAZING Parade of Christmas homes. You guys, I am in awe of the inspiration out there! Come on in!

See you tomorrow :)

xo Kylie

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  1. Cute...might have to check this out. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love Picmonkey and use it for tons of projects (and all of my web graphics). Cute idea for the year in review :)

  3. I've only started dabbling in the Monkey, but I love it! Maybe I'll be as cool as you (yule) next year and do one myself. :)


  4. I love your Christmas cards, Kylie!! So cute! I love anything DIY, and this looks so simple! I have programs like Photoshop at my disposal, but always forget PicMonkey is such a FAST and EASY resource! Love!

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