18 November 2013

Entry Progress

Good morning, readers!

 I hope you had an incredible weekend! This weekend we put the finishing touches on our Entry progress. I say progress because there is still a TON that i'd like to complete before it gets an "after" photo :)

I am, however, super excited about the progress so far! This wood wall has been something i've been dreaming to do for months. It's my way of adding some "manly" into our fairly feminine home ;)

The bookpage wreath is an OLD blog project that a made well over a year ago. You can check it out HERE! (But try not to judge the terrible pictures)

I've had a RUG ISSUE. With this room. We've purchased a total of 4 rugs and I haven't particularly loved any. 2 were returned, and I still have this one, and a Navy ikat-ish rug that I'm not ready to give up on. I'm on the hunt for something larger and less "underwhelming" for this space, but for now, this will do.

These are the first 2 rugs I purchased and showcased on Instagram. They both ended up being returned :(

The details of the pallet wall are my favorite. Yes, I am fully aware I have a burlap print up there that says "Merry Christmas". And yes, I do intend to leave it up year round. Shouldn't we all bring a little festive into our homes all year? Plus. I love it!

The sunburst mirror was made for a total of 2.68 cents, and I can't wait to share the details with you this week.

And of course, we can't forget about Rhino Gosling & Justin Timberlake.

I am definitely happy with it for now. It is a nice place to jump off of and sort of marinate with. You know what I mean? When you decorate a space, I feel like you have to live with it for awhile to decide what works and what needs to change. I'm happy to wait for those changes.

Speaking of changes-

1) I need wood floors. Here hoping to a fantastic tax refund that we can use to replace this carpet
2) I'd like some large baskets under the console table to conceal clutter! (conceal clutter under the console..hehehe)
3) We need a larger rug...that goes without saying
4) The ledge above our door needs an overhaul
5) The boob light has got.to.go.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed some progress pictures :) Lets take a look at the before and after:

Just a little lovin' and this is a totally new space!

Come back tomorrow so I can share with you how we created our 20 dollar wood-wall. It took some time, but was SOO worth it!


Until Next Time,


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  5. Love love love this!!!! Such a great idea... now I just have to figure out where I can incorporate this great idea!! I have a small obsession with the rhino head, I have picked one up on two separate occasions and left him behind! What if you turned the rug to rug length wise in front on the door?! I am sure you've tried that but it would give more space between it and the carpeted area and may define the space better! Love your blog

  6. What a fun front entry. I love how it brings contrast to the space and I am really diggin the deer head.

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