18 November 2013

DIY Wood Wall

 Tuesday means we're one day closer to the weekend...so lets celebrate with a fun weekend project tutorial, eh?!

Disclaimer- I bought this wood at Lowes rather than by breaking down a pallet. But you get the idea, right? :)

I've been dying to plank up an entire wall in my house since we moved in. I'm obsessed with the idea and it's still not completely off the table. For now, I soothed my wood-wall cravings with this simple collage of boards in our Entry Way.

To do this yourself, you'll only need a weekend, and a pair of extra hands. I didn't take a ton of pictures while we put this up (the excitement got me and I forgot!) so I will do my best to go through the steps with you without them :)

First, take a look at your wall, and figure out a pattern you'd like. Mark it off with painters tape. This doesn't need to be level or perfect or anything, it's just to give you a general idea of your board cuts.

When I had a general pattern that I liked, I measured the different lengths, so I could have my friendly Lowes-handy-genius cut the boards for me.
After you've written down your measurements, head to Lowes to pick up your supplies:
-Wood Boards (the thinner the better, they're easier to drill into the wall this way!
-Wood Stain
-Sand Paper

Our boards were just over an inch thick, and I think they're perfect for the look we were going for. You're going to need to do some Math to figure out the best lengths to purchase to stretch your buck further. All in all we spent $18.00 on the wood.

Once you've had it cut, head over to the paint section to grab some stain. We went with a dark Cherry Wood stain and I completely love it.

When you get home, you'll need to sand the rough spots, but don't worry about making it perfect. Jake used our electric sander to get the places where the wood had started to splinter, or if we thought it would absorb too much stain.

As he sanded, I stained. Just like in our Shutter Project. This takes a lot of mindless work, and you'll be aching to quit after this step. So the next step is MANDATORY.

Go out for drinks and dinner:

We decided it was probably best to start again the next day (power tools + drinks don't usually end well + this gave us extra time for the stain to cure)

All we did the next day was put it up! It couldn't of been easier. I laid our all of our stained boards on the floor, to mimic the pattern I made in tape, and one by one we drilled them into the wall.

Make sure you have one person holding the wood steady, because you want to ensure its level, and it's much more likely to move if you're doing it yourself. We installed it with simple silver screws. I didn't mind the screws showing on the wood, I think it adds to the "rustic-ness" of it, however you could use those little teeth grabby hooks on the back, or liquid nails if you're looking for a more polished result.

Once your wall is complete, it's time to DECORATE! I loved the white accessories, like the faux taxidermy Rhino & Stag, as well as the sunburst mirror & little owl hooks. Oh, and no one will let me live down the "Merry Christmas" print I plan to let stay year round.

This entire project cost us around $25.00, and I couldn't be more happy with the impact. Also, Jake is happy that at least one spot in the house doesn't scream "a man had no say in this homes décor". ;)

I'll be sharing how I made that Sunburst mirror in 15 minutes tomorrow, I hope you'll stop by!


Until Next Time,


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  1. LOVE love LOVE this. I might have to do a similar rendition of it just to get faro to agree on SOMETHING. hahaha

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  2. I have been itching to plank a wall in my house (I even have the PERFECT wall), but my hubby is afraid to commit. Loving this in your entry!


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