13 October 2013

Worlds best & easiest Makeup Brush Cleaner

This is an "all things DIY" blog...so cleaning your makeup brushes without buying anything fancy...definitely counts as "Doing it yourself"!

 Makeup Brushes are an investment, am I right?! Mine are nowhere near high quality, but I did spend a nice amount of money on them, so I'd like to keep them nice. There are tons of different solutions out there, but they're PRICEY! I have seriously found the all time best solution and you can make it with what you've already got in your pantry.

You will need-

  • Olive Oil
  • White Vinegar (no we're not making salad dressing!)
  • & Liquid Dish Soap
Simply mix one part of each into a tall glass

I stick all of my brushes into the solution and let them hang out for about 20 minutes. The vinegar kills bacteria, the dish soap cleans all of the makeup off the brush, & the olive oil acts as a conditioner to keep them soft on your pretty face. :)

After 30 minutes I scrub them. I just take them on my hand and swirl the brush around to get all of the makeup out. Rinse in some clean water & repeat until everything is clean!

All you have to do after that is lay em out on a paper towel, & let them air-dry. (Usually over night). I take a disinfecting wipe and wipe down the handles as well, and then they're as clean as a whistle!

I do this every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking nice! I've had my brushes over 2 years now, and they're in like-new condition. Boom!

Until Next Time,


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  1. Ummm...I'm supposed to clean my makeup brushes? Dang...maybe THAT's why my face looks like it's 43 years old.

    Oh. Wait....


  2. Hi Kylie Great post, I need to clean my blush brush badly. I don't use it that often so tend to get lazy about cleaning it. Your post is a great wake up call. Need some new blush too I think. I'm not much for make up since I'm home most of the time and hubs likes me natural. We've been married long time, 45 yrs next month. Hope to hear from you @FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com
    We used to live in San Diego area, out in Santee mostly. What area did you live in? Are you getting used to Arkansas? Pretty humid in summer huh?
    We lived in San Diego areas for 21 yrs. then got fed up with things and moved to 20 acres on a big lake in MT. Wish I was still there, loved it. Then we moved out in country north of Bowling Green, KY, for 5 yrs., the weather was hard on me there but loved it otherwise. I miss our house and 1 1/2 acres. Also miss all the great places to buy awesome stuff. Now we live about 20 miles west of Grand Junction, CO (on western side of Rocky mtns.). It's ok but it's not MT or KY.
    I miss the beach sometimes, in the years my kids were growing up (4 of them) we went to Pacific Beach alot. We also spent a lot of time at Fisher's Landing/Martinez Lake north of Yuma, AZ on the CO river. Our kids got us to go there one Easter and after that we got our own boat and spent lots of time there. We used to go to Lake Havasu also. Miss all that.
    Just thought I'd introduce myself. Happy week

  3. What kind of brushes do u have?

  4. Hi, Jules!

    These are just brushes from Sephora, nothing special, pretty basic. I do however really recommend the real techniques brushes, as well as Sedona Lace brushes! Really affordable, and nice quality!


  5. My make up brushes are not very expensive, too. But you are right that they are an investment. I clean them regularly. I usually use lemon juice and water. It works! Greetings!

    1. Lemon juice is so great for disinfecting! Awesome suggestion! Thank you for coming by, Karen! xo!

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  10. i know this an old post but thanks for this easy solution. For drying, i use little rubber bands + a clothes hanger and hang it in the shower

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