04 October 2013

Travel Bag Essentials

Happy Friday, Friends!

 By now you understand my extreme travel OCD-ness. (no, OCD-ness is not a word). To get me though long plane rides I depend on a few very important things in my handy dandy travel bag. Important things that I am pretty sure I’d have a mental breakdown without!

To start- you need a cute bag.

This little duffle is perfect for me. I usually take everything out of my purse and throw it in my suitcase, so I can carry the fewest amount of bags though the airport possible. PS is this bag dirty enough for you? Clearly this last San Diego Trip took a toll on her.

Okay-now moving on to what's in the bag:

1) My discbound notebook. I told you yesterday that I don’t go anywhere without her. She is
cute, and carries all of my important trip information.

2) An empty water bottle. I’m sorry, but 7 dollars for a plastic bottle full of essential hydration is
too rich for my blood. So I bring an empty bottle and fill it up once I’m through security.

3) Socks! If you’re not wearing tennies, bring a pair of socks. My tootsies get cold like no
other…plus I like to put them on so I’m not walking barefoot through security…gross.

4) Nutritious snacks like string cheese, grapes, and whole grain crackers. (Or Sour patch kids,
cookies, & captain crunch snack mix…no judgment here)

5) Is it just me or does Plane air do something to your skin? Mine dries the HECK OUT. I’m still
trying to infuse moisture back into my dry face and I’ve been back 4 days.

6) A neck pillow! This is my number one must have. I choose it over the iPad. I literally couldn’t live
without it. It helps me take a snooze when you’re sitting next to people…& I don’t even have to
worry about drooling on them. :)

7) A mini bag filled with other important essentials – Mini toothbrushes (keepin’ It fresh), Pain
reliever, my Flower face powder, & my fave fave fave EOS chapstick.

Not Pictured-
iPad. This is a must. I download at least 1 movie just in case the flight doesn’t have wifi. I also always spend the money on wifi if its available. It’s a worthwhile investment to me to be able to blog & watch Greys reruns on Netflix.

Chargers! I bring the charger for my phone as well as iPad for just in case moments. You never know
what will die when you land, and its nice to have something to give ya a little boost.

A sweater/small throw blanket. I FREEZE on airplanes. Always! I keep an extra sweater or small blanket nearby so I can warm my chilly bones if needed. I left mine on the plane when we landed in San Diego (must have been my excitement)…and I didn’t realize until I was halfway home. (angry emoji face)

I am totally that person that is embarrassingly over prepared for things like this, but I seriously enjoy my trip 500 times more when I actually know I’m prepared.

Speaking of prepared-next week starts HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR at Absolutely Arkansas…I hope you’re excited…it’s going to be terrifying! (If you think smiling ghosts & potted mums are scary)

I hope y’all have an incredible weekend! Be sure to follow along on insta, facebook, & pinterest...cause there are some FUN projects ahappenin' this weekend. :)

See you Monday!

 Xo Kylie

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  1. Cute!! I need to start remembering to bring socks with me whenever I travel... I always hate walking through security barefoot!

  2. You had me at the Capn Crunch mix. How have I never seen that before? PB Capn Crunch is my all-time favorite cereal. And yes, there's something about the air up there. My eyeballs basically dry up and fall out of their sockets when flying. And wearing my contacts isn't even a remote possibility in an airplane.


  3. This is great Kylie! I have a tendency to NOT pack anything extra like this... I always think about it and then say "nah... I won't need it, I'll be fiiiiinnnneeee" and then later it's "Dammit!!!! Why didn't I bring anything to eat?!?" It's always much nicer to be comfortable though so I am going to force myself to pack a bag like yours next time! :o)


  4. I agree about most of these. The socks are something people don't think of, but necessary. I always get cold on flights and refuse to use a plane blanket unless its new in bag! :)