03 October 2013

Organize any trip in a snap

 It's safe to say traveling freaks me the freak out. It sends me weird OCD, worst-case-scenario, mush brain into hyper drive...& I basically can't relax until I know every.single.detail. is planned out. So please, don't make fun of me after the following post. :)

First things first- grab yo'self one of these babies:

Jake might get his feelings hurt if he knew that this girl really is the love of my life. I am so obsessed with Staples line of discbound notebooks. They are an organizers dream. One day soon I will give you a full on tour of my notebook. She has EVERYTHING. I don't leave the house without her...it's true.

Paired with my 2013-2014 planner from Jen at I Heart Organizing...if it's not in my planner..it doesn't happen. I'm surprised I haven't reminded myself to breath and pee in this thing.

Anyways, once you go to staples and grab you an awesome discbound notebook, you'll need to start gathering the most important stuff about your trip. Boarding passes, flight confirmations,  & a packing list are a great place to start.

I get crazy & like to print 2 copies of my boarding passes...just in case. My motto is you can never be over prepared. :)

I make an agenda of what i'm doing every day. This might be too much for you. But I like to have this printed so I can see where my free time is, as well as not forget any important appointments.

Yes. I even plan my outfits. This part is for-real a life saver. I know you're rolling your eyes through the computer screen (knock that off!) But, this seriously helps me for the next step.

When I plan my outfits, I can easily see what I need to pack. I jot it all down, and leave some extra bullet points in case of anything I forgot. I always save this in my notebook so I can use it to repack as well. How many times have you forgotten something you love in the hotel? Not anymore! Use this again so you can make sure you repack everything you packed in the first place.

I keep all this info close by because it helps my neurotic mind rest knowing I am as prepared for anything as I can be. I never have that "I forgot something" feeling...and I almost never overpack! Keeping my outfits simple and having one or two per day means I rarely come home with something I didn't wear. Dragging bags accross the airport gets heavy!

Now that you're about to punch me for being crazy....i'll go ahead and excuse myself :)

Until Next Time,


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  1. Oh my goodness - I have NEVER seen anyone organize a trip that specifically! Good for you though. Unlike me, you probably don't have 20 leftover clean outfits that never got worn but you threw in "just in case"...no wonder my bag is always overweight ;) Love the cute organizer!

  2. Yeah...I'm just going to live vicariously through you because this level of organization is just not possible for this chick.


  3. I'm with Sarah above! I have never seen a blogger by this open about being this organized! I am envious of this--NGL, my last trip a few weeks ago to Boston...I was SO disorganized! Honestly, if I didn't have an iPhone and put my boarding passes in my Passbook, I don't think I'd make it on the plane! You GO girl!


  4. I love that we share a passion for the discbound notebooks! :) And thank you so much for sharing and loving the planner. Absolutely made my day! xoxoxoxo!

  5. Hi! You are the reason I bought my Martha Stewart Discbound notebook! :) Did you still plan on giving a tour of yours? I would LOVE to see how you have yours set up! Thanks!!

    1. Oh girl, you're going to LOVE IT! I have two now. I would love to do a planner tour! I'll put it on the agenda :)


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