04 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday-Envelope Liners

No catchy tagline for this one, friends. I have a fun little craft you can use for far more than just weddings. Especially with all those Christmas cards we'll all be sending soon! Have you seen how much they charge on Etsy for envelope liners? Seriously…1 dollar a piece. Are you out of your gosh darn mind?! I just adore those Etsy shops...but if I can make something for the fraction of the cost...i'm all about it!

 I wanted to add some pizzaz to our save the dates & knew it was meant to be when I found this pretty chevron paper on sale for 15 cents.
These envelope liners came in at a WHOPPING 3 cents apiece. 3 mother freaking cents. #Igot99problemsbutsavinmoneyaintone

Anyways…while I put my grill and bling away…let me tell you how we did this super easy craft.
You’ll need:

  •   Scrapbook paper
  •  Scissors
  •   Your Envelope
  •    Optional: {sticker to seal your envelope}

Step One: Make a template: Cut an extra envelope with the flap open about ½ way down.  Cut your extra off…{like so}. You just want to have the part that will have a liner attached.

Step Two: Take your Envelope Template and trace ON THE BACK of your scrapbook paper as many darn liners as you can fit. (I got about 4 a sheet)

Step Three:  Cut your liners out. Tip* This might go without saying (ehem…I didn’t think about it until after I’d cut at least 30) double up on paper! You can easily cut through 3 or 4 sheets at the same time cutting your slicin’ and dicin’ time dramatically.

Step Four: Insert your Liner into your envelope and fold at the envelope’s natural folding spot. (thats a very technical term)

Step Five:  Get to lickin’ sister! Lick the inside where the normal “stick” is, and that will hold your liner in place.

Optional Step Six:  I imagine that you will want to seal your envelope. We bought these cute little J&K stickers hoping they would keep them sealed, but they didn’t. So I used some double sided tape to ensure they were efficiently sealed up.

And that’s that! I got a ton of compliments on how people didn’t want to throw out the envelopes cause how cute they were! That is my kind of 3 cent craft. :)

Just for fun- lets take a peeksie at Mr. Rose and Ms. Helm’s save the date, shall we?

I can hardly wait to marry that man. :)
Until Next Time,

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  1. Thanks for sharing. They look great and are really cute. Love your save the date!!! Beautiful

  2. Hi Kylie,
    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. You and Jake are so cute. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! Your Save the Date announcement is so nice. Best wishes on all your wedding plans.

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! That is the sweetest!! I am so, so happy to have you here.

  3. I am completely with you on the pricey, yet adorable, stuff on Etsy. Kudos for doing your own thing. And, they are beautiful. Tickled pink to know that you like to send cards. The kind that require a stamp! I too go crazy for this kind of thing. I have a feeling you may enjoy my hang out over at www.ritewhileucan.com Found you via 'weeklycreative' linky. p.s. Love the choices and variety of fonts on the front of your save the date card. congrats on your engagement!

  4. Super cute!

    I totally wish we did DIY envelopes, instead of spending like $200 on them! Ugh what a wasteful expense! Yours is way cuter!!!


  5. Great job with your liners, and much happiness is sent your way for your special day!
    I linked over from the Happy Housie Link Party where I am participating too links # 93-Quilled School Bus and 94-Keep Calm Free Printable and would love it if you'd stop by.
    Hugs, Antonella :-)

  6. I love it! I like how you made your template, too. Your save-the-dates are super cute!

    Now I just want to see a pic with the bling and the grill...

    (Truth be told...I have a cheap-o fake plastic grill in my desk at work--it was a gag gift--then again, I do live in Atlanta...)

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