05 September 2013

Typin' about Stripe-in?

In an attempt to have a creative title…that’s what I came up with…yeah I know, not so successful. 

Do you have a red-headed step child of rooms in your house?  Ours is the guest bathroom. It’s got some great features. Tall lofted ceiling, an entire closet dedicated to linen storage, as well as the cabinets under the sink, a full bath/shower. These are great features in a guest bathroom! I love them.-love them like a step-child though. (Red Heads are cute…I love them all)

This room has zero natural light, and we painted it a very dark color. (In hindsight maybe not the best decision…but there is no way almost-Hubs is letting me repaint for at least another year).

In an effort to turn her in to Cinderella we have a ton of up-coming projects that I’m hoping will brighten up the place!

On to the tutorial already!
I made this quick gold chevron-esque art when I saw the canvases were marked 50 percent off at Hobby Lobby. Score!

This is what you’ll need:
  • Canvases

·         Paint! (I chose Gold…I’m pretty sure spray paint would work too…it may be even easier)

·         Painters Tape

·         Paint Brushes

·         Ruler

·         Pencil

·         Modge Podge

·         Glitter

I started with taking my “ruler” (I used a paint stick…don’t judge) to pencil off where I wanted my stripes.

I placed my second canvas right next to it to measure stripes going the opposite direction.

Once the stripes were penciled in, I taped them off, alternating between lines.

Make sure you put the canvases together before you start painting, as you can see….my stripes were off J

Begin painting light coats once you have everything taped off. As you can see, I wanted one “glitter” stripe, so I wrote it in to ensure I wouldn’t paint there.

It took me 3 coats to get the metallic coverage I wanted. I waited a half hour in between each to let it dry just enough.  

For my final stripe, I painted on some Modge Podge, and sprinkled my gold glitter. I left these out to dry overnight.
Take off the tape, and voila! You’ve got yourself a masterpiece! Look at you-painting on canvases and stuff…might as well call you Van Gogh! (please…don’t cut your ear off. Wait, that was Van Gogh, right?)

You may remember this Insta I posted of the canvases in the bathroom…

Wait! You don't fall me on Instagram ? Get with the program! I post some fun stuff! :)
Well I hated them there, they were the wrong size. And they have since moved…but since we’re in the middle of some top secret bathroom mission…I can’t show you!

Here they are in the Guest room in all their stripey glory. J

I totally recognize their imperfections...and I think that had to do with not getting a proper seal with my tape. I like the Imperfections though...that's what DIY is all about! :)

Until Next Time,

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  1. I clicked over from House of Hepworth's link party....these are so cute! I love the glitter stripe...hmm, what could I paint with a glitter stripe??!


  2. Great idea! And so easy. I have some extra canvases in the craft room too....I think this might be a new addition to the home decor!

  3. What a beautiful idea! I may use your idea as inspiration for a party backdrop for my sister's bridal shower. I think this would look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this idea at the Tatertots & Jello party. :) Pinning this asap.

  4. i love glitter! what a fun way to make art

  5. I have tons of canvases sitting around...I'll definitely be making these!


  6. These are fantastic! Simple, but that pop of glitter just makes them perfect! I think I need to make some of these for my house! I'll be featuring this on my blog tomorrow!


    Thanks for linking up to the Block Party!