25 September 2013

So Fresh & So Clean Clean

Welcome back to another day in our week on Bathrooms. At least we aren't talking about what happens  in the bathroom. ha! I'll do my best to never let one of those weeks happen. On Monday, I shared our Phase 1 Bathroom Reveal,and i'm here today to show you how I had to get crafty to make a large print in my favorite color trend, gold.

This ended up being easier than getting into Community College. I spent ALL WEEK trying to figure out how I was going to print in Gold, and how I was going to do it on such a large print. Then I read somewhere this genius idea about using newspaper as transfer paper. SCORE! Such a great idea! (PS if it was your idea...let me know so I can give you a high five. and some blog credit). Also, in case you have no idea why i'm saying so Fresh & So Clean Clean, (you've probably be living under a rock)...but i'm just paying my homage to my homies in Outkast. (youtube it, folks!)

Before we jump into "how-to's" let me show you this giganto frame I picked up at a thrift store for only 4 and a half dolla's!

This thing had seen better days. I wish I could show you how truly nasty this frame really was. There was no way I could just windex this puppy. I threw her in the bathtub with some TSP and let her soak for a few hours, in hopes of getting the nasty green film off. 

You can see how murky the water is. PROOF that this thing was g-r-o-s-s. Like Robin Thicke grinding up on Miley Cyrus gross. Okay. I shouldn't of gone there. Are my jokes getting old yet? Probably.

Once it was out and dry, I slapped on 3 coats of high gloss white spray paint to give this gorgeous frame new life.

To make the print part, I went into my favorite program, Microsoft Word, and made a "So Fresh and So Clean Clean" 8x10 print, and just spit it out in regular ol' black ink. 

I flipped over the art that came in the frame, and placed some newspaper under my print, centered on the page. I then traced the letters and magic happened!

Ready for the magic?

Do you see it on there?! Faint little fresh and clean lines. (unlike the water damage on the bottom of this paper).

All I did next is take my gold Sharpee and fill in the letters! It was simple! I did the whole thing in under an hour. Its not as perfect as it would be if it came out of a printer, or if I used vinyl. But I don't have any of those fancy programs...& I didn't want to spend any money! So I got resourceful, and dangit...I love the result just as much. :)

Never let your creativity be stopped by not having fancy programs or tools. You can do just about anything when you get resourceful! 

I'm SO excited because I am headed to my HOME SWEET HOME San Diego tomorrow at 4:00 AM! I won't be back until Tuesday, but I promise I will be going Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest crazy, so make sure you follow along and you won't miss a thing :)

See you Tuesday, my friends!

Xo Kylie

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  1. Um....I'm thinking that bathtub wasn't all that fresh and clean clean when you pulled that frame out. I'm hoping you didn't immediately jump in and shave your legs. Although that would be one way not to waste water. But you might end up growing a third foot. From now on you can give me credit for any ideas. Because I've thought of everything. BAA!!! Your new art is lovely my friend!


  2. All I could think the entire time reading your post was this: http://www.recaption.com/uploads/153084fee6daa80b45.jpg