23 September 2013

Get Painty- with it

Sung to the tune of "get jiggy wit it". (insert crying laughing emoji here).

Yesterday I shared with you our amaze-balls bathroom refresher. Today i'm excited to share with you how we transformed our cabinets with a little paint & a lot of patience!

Lets just jump right in, shall we?

You will need to go to Lowes and pick up the following:

Liquid Deglosser. I raved about it here.
Sanding Blocks (2 worked for us)
TSP (a HEAVY duty cleaner...just ask the Lowes helper...he'll know where its at!)
Your favorite paint
A HIGH quality paint brush
A mini roller
Your favorite Primer

As you can see, there really was nothing wrong with our cabinets as they were. They just are not our style. We plan to paint all of the kitchen cabinets, so I figured if we're going to do that, it's probably best to do a practice run in the bathroom, cause if we royally screwed it up..it wouldn't be over 40 cabinet faces to fix!

Start by removing your cabinet doors, and give everything a good once over with your TSP. This will ensure everything is oil-free, clean and a perfect place to start.

Because I wanted these to turn out perfect, I then took my sanding block, and sanded everything. This took for-reaking-ever. I was covered in dust by the end, seriously. 

And yes, if you must know, I laid out a big sheet and did this on my living room floor. :)

After I sanded everything, I swept up, and took my deglosser to make sure everything was clean as a whistle before I started priming. 

As soon as it was dry to the touch, I started priming. You guys, I was panicked. It looked like hell. Seriously. After 2 coats of primer, I was sure this was going to turn out terrible.

OH NO! Yes, that is what I was saying. I was seriously freaked out that I had just ruined our perfectly good cabinets. I pushed forward, sanding lightly between each coat of primer, and after my first coat of paint, it was clear that we were totally good to go, and that this wouldn't be a horrible fail.

Not that bad, right?! I ended up doing 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of paint. If you haven't had to pick out white paint before, be warned, it is not as easy as you think it would be! It took me forever to pick out the right color! We ended up going with Marshmallow Fluff by Glidden.

Here are the cabinets 10 days after we painted, reattached

I knew I loved them! The color was perfect, and it really brightened up the room, just as I had hoped. But it was missing something. Don't punch me...but it was almost too white. So I knew we were going to need some hardware. 

I mosied down to Hobby Lobby and picked out some hardware that I loved during a 50 % off week. I had Jake attach it and we were in business!

A few things to note that might help you...

Drips will happen. Catch them! If you catch drips quickly they won't be a problem for you.
Sanding is your frienemy. It takes a ton of time, and it's no fun, but its the best bet for a smooth finish, and a brush stroke free look.
LET THEM CURE! It's important to not reattach them as soon as they dry. Trust me, I wanted to! I left them in a safe, clean space in the garage for almost 2 weeks so that the paint didn't chip or rip off when opening the cabinets.

If you follow those simple steps, you will be in love with the result. I am happy and in love every time I go in there now. :) 

I did this all while Jake was sleeping, and he woke up and was almost upset with how great they looked, cause he couldn't take any of the credit. ;)

Come back tomorrow! I'll show you how I made (this) cool little print for $4.50!

Until Next Time,


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  1. It looks beautiful!!! I'm horribly guilty of putting things back together before the paint is cured. I swear I'll never do that again. Until the next time. And white is murder to pick out. I finally found a guy at the paint store who was unbelievably helpful. He understood the colors, the undertones, etc. He helped me pick out the perfect white for our new trim. It's Benjamin Moore and it's called...wait for it...White.

    Who knew??


  2. Haha, I love that Jake was upset that you finished them already. :) It's amazing how painting your vanity has truly brightened your space!

  3. It turned out great!! I am the same way when painting something new... terrified I will ruin it! I am currently having a dilemma of painting an old buffet that was my grandparents. I really want to paint it a fun color, but terrified I will screw it up. I don't think I would ever have the guts to paint cabinets. You made it look so easy though!

  4. Thank you for this! i am repainting our wood bed and after several coats of primer, it looks like hell, too, and I really thought it was a disaster...your post gives me hope!