13 September 2013

Love List-Honeymoon Die Fors

 Well hello and Happy Friday!

Finally the weekend, am I right?! I hope you have fantastic plans. We have more on our plate than we do at Thanksgiving Dinner, so I know we'll be busy!

I mentioned before that Jake and I are so blessed to be able to go on a 2 week honeymoon through Europe. We leave June 2nd, 2014 and I am counting down the days! Do you have any great travel tips? I find myself staying up at night going through all the outfits I want to buy, the awesome luggage I hope to get...and i'm so excited for stamps on my passport, but I just have to have a cute passport cover, right?!

So I bring to you our first installment of love list! We all have items we swoon over, right? Why not keep em together in fun little mood boards to go back and check off what we really want when the time comes. Right now i'm fallin' hard for:

1) This outfit KILLS ME! I wish the link took me to where to buy it because it would be in my closet like yesterday. It screams French Riviera to me. Ah I can hardly wait to be soakin' in the sun in Nice, France!

2) Mr. & Mrs. Rose passport covers. I DIE! Seriously. Mom, please put these in our stocking. I need them. {Purchase Here}

3) I hate to admit it...but this chick has HIPS. I have a small waist and an over-all fit body...but my love handles WON'T QUIT! How perfect is this high waisted bikini? Covers the love handles...and is vintage chic to boot :) {Purchase Here}

4) Again with a link-less outfit. First of all, this model is freaking adorable. Second of all, it's speaking Capri, Italy to me. I want to wear it through Pompeii and then have an Italian pool boy Jake serve me drinks on the beach.

5) How many times have you been at the airport and had to search through the sea of black luggage to find your own? I doubt you'll have that problem with these beauties! I have to have them. (Hey Honey...if you're reading...Christmas is only 110 days away) {Purchase Here}

6) Fedora's are the ultimate vacation hat. They say "Don't bother me, i'm cool, and i'm relaxing". Also, this one was only $1.00 at Wal-Mart. So naturally, I bought five.

7) I am obsessed with all things vintage, and this passport cover is no exception! So pretty and girly with the hearts, yet perfectly sophisticated to take through Europe without screaming, "I'm an American Tourist"! (Another great stocking stuffer...Mom :) ) {Purchase Here}

I have about 10381 other things on my Honeymoon Crush List. I will probably need 10 more Editions to fit them all in.:)

What was the best Vacation you ever took? Any Honeymoon horror stories? I'd love to hear!

Until Next Time,


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  1. First, the five fedoras cracked me up. Second, that bikini is FAB. And third, our best vaca was definitely our destination wedding and honeymoon in Antigua. Family, sand, sun, umbrella drinks, love. What more does a girl need?! Oh yeah, a gorgeous lace wedding dress.

    Lucky you on the honeymoon plans, I"m super jealous!!

  2. The best vacation Adam and I took was our "honeymooniversary" cruise through Novia Scotia! It was fabulous!

    If there is one thing I can recommend: only let one person pack (so either you or your hubby will pack). Having more than one person rummage through your suitcases may likely result in you a) forgetting something b) accidentally moving something out of the suitcase and ultimately forgetting it and c) if you're a dork like me, it will be easier to lay out what clothes are there so that you can have clothes that compliment each other (you're going to probably ask a stranger to take a photo of the two of you, so you wouldn't want your clothing to clash).

    Anywho, I am totes stalking your blog now that I've found you! :P

    Our Mini Family


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