17 July 2013

The Couch Chronicles

Good evening, friends!

In the past few months we have made some solid progress on this home of ours. Why does decorating a home take so damn long? Jake will ask me every day “what’re you going to put here?” “when are we going to buy this?” and it literally takes all of my might not to lunge myself across the room and strangle him. Because here’s the thing…


I love to decorate; it seriously is something I am so passionate about. But there are many  factors that hold me back. Like- it’s expensive. SO EXPENSIVE.  It’s top priority on our list to win the lottery one day, but for now…its room by room, paycheck by paycheck and that certainly takes time.
Another thing that ties us back is that we don’t (specifically I don’t) want to spend that paycheck by paycheck money on something that either won’t last, or that we won’t love. How did I learn this lesson? The hard way, my friends, the hard way.

Enter- our first couch.

This beauty was the comfiest happiest piece of furniture we ever did own. We were 18 and about to move into our first apartment, and we didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together…so naturally I took to Craigslist (not much has changed)  and found her. 300 BUCKS! That’s all we spent on a giant practically brand new beautiful sectional that we loved and loved and loved. Oh and…I totally sold it on Craigslist 3 years later for 450…what what!

Let’s go ahead and fast forward 3 years. We’re homeowners now! We have our careers, and we’ve put away a substantial amount of money to put into our first home so….let’s buy a brand spankin’ new expensive as hell new sectional. Right?Wrong.

Enter-our way too expensive couch that we both didn’t really like.

This is what she looked like in our living room.

No. Just no. We made the mistake of an impulse purchase and we didn’t measure first, so once she was in there…it was GOODBYE living room. I hated every second of her stay with us. Off to Craigslist she went. (for a third of what we spent. Ouch.)

Jake and I both agreed a white couch is what we needed in our space, something bright and cottage-y to match the rest of the living room. And that is when it happened.

In the subway line grabbing lunch Jake text me this photo

It was love at first site. And only 499.00! What a steal! Enter: Despair. Our nearest Ikea is 6 hours away in Dallas and thereaint no way I’m driving 6 hours for a couch. Enter: extreme Joy! IKEA SOLD THIS BEAUTY ONLINE! We literally jumped up and down and I started entering in our shipping information. Enter: Despair. (seriously…this couch business has been quite the emotional roller coaster) the shipping on this bad boy was 400.00 smackaroo’s. I don’t know about you, but there is no way in God’s Green earth I am spending 400 dollars shipping a 500 dollar couch, you are out of your mind.

So we were couch-less, which feels a little like being homeless when you have to sit on your living room floor. What do you think I did next? You guessed it, Folks. Off to Craigslist I went. I searched. And I searched every single day hoping to find something that we would love. That’s when I found her.

Enter- Current Couch

She looked nice…had good dimensions for our living room…and the best part was she was brand new and only 350 bucks! Sa-weet.

I scoured pinterest trying to figure out how we could make a slipcover to make her the white beauty I had imagined. No cigar. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials out there but I own a 20 dollar sewing machine and amateur is too advanced to describe my sewing skills. I was stumped.

That was, until I remembered my Ikea love. The slipcover was removable! A quick dimension check and shipping check (only 20 dollars…not great but I can deal with it)  and I had a white slipcover on it’s way.

Enter: Updated Current Couch

And here lies our current love. The slipcover certainly didn’t fit perfectly, there are places it is a little too loose; however, I think it adds to the shabby chicness of it all. I quickly covered the pillows the original came with and we were in business.

She works. And I love her.

On a side note...I literally want to set fire to my carpet so we have to replace it with sexy hard woods. :) 

And so ends the world’s longest post about Couches.


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  1. Cute! Congrats on your new home! You should put that great oval mirror over the table in your entry way ;)

  2. Looks great! I love the dresser you have under your tv also. Good luck finding the other pieces you need.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  3. Drool. I dream of having a home like yours someday. I love your style!

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