18 September 2012

What I wore Wednesday: stripes for days

  Hi friends!

  I am so LOVING the weather in Arkansas right now. But fo' real...its da bizzness right now. (hahahahahahhahahaha over the way I just typed that). Today the sun was out and the sky was blue but it was 68 all day. LOVE! Perfect time to start breaking out sweaters don't ya think? I know this California girl is in for a serious shock when Its ACTUALLY winter out, cause I have been freezing the past couple days and its only been in the 60s...what am I going to do when there is SNOW ON THE GROUND! ah. No clue really. Guess its an excuse to buy some new clothes?  Doesn't sound so bad now ;)

  Anyways this entire outfit is from f21....except my belt...which means its pretty darn affordable, and what girl doesn't love Luke Bryan? What ? um...I mean affordable outfits.

Obviously I have a thing right now for long maxi skirts. Mostly because I get sick of wearing dress pants all week, and my piggies are way too cold for pencil skirts without leggings!  And I obviously didn't iron my sweater either...(fail).

sweater: f21, its old but I believe it was in the ball park of 15 dollars
skirt (actually dress) : f21, this is sort of medium pricey for forevs...I believe it was $45.00, BUT its actually a long formal dress, that I just threw a sweater on top of.
copper belt: J crew...on sale obviously who would buy a 60 belt. I'll give you a hint, she doesn't have 2 thumbs and a collection of all 6 bring it on movies....(that would be me...which means I wouldnt spend 60 dollars on a belt...ya know..cause I sort of butchered that joke)

Anyways,  I hope you find inspiration in my prison stripes today, I can't wait to share a few more comforty fall recipes this week with you :)

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1 comment:

  1. super cute outfit! but I am DYING laughing! You are hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!