28 May 2012

So how was your weekend?

  Weekends lately have not really been weekends at all. After working all week, nothing is better than kickin back with a beer, sittin by the pool, watchin the game, and so on. Right? Wrong. When your moving across the country, and your a type A, OCD, control freak like I am, your weekends are spent making lists, tackling projects, and organizing every square inch of your home for the move. This weekend was special though, I did spend lots of time organizing, but I spent Saturday catching up with family, and drinking lemonade. It was the life! It's really starting to sink in that we're moving so soon. I mean its almost June 1st here, which means exactly 2 weeks till D-day, and I am really starting to realize that I am going to miss San Diego SO MUCH. I'll touch more on that later. For now, here is a play by play of my glorious half work/half play weekend.

I am now the PROUD owner of this sexy little piece of machinery. Just looking at him (yes my Keurig is a him) makes me weak in the knees.

I drank lots of lemonade on Saturday. My Aunt has a giant lemon tree in her back yard, and she whipped up pitchers of this fantastic elixir. Looking at this picture makes the back of my mouth tense up though, mmm sour!

I ate tacos. Not a whole lot tastes better than some good old fashion ground beef tacos.

That was the fun part of my weekend, Saturday. Sunday was spent going through my home with a fine tooth comb, making sure everything was ready for the movers that will be here in a short 18 days. Don't make fun of me, I beg of you, but this is what under my kitchen sink looked like as of this morning,

Clutter galore, no organization, no rhyme or reason for anything. Just one gigantor mess. Yuck.

but........(cue angelic chorus)

This is what my lovely under-the-kitchen-sink area looks like now. OHHHH what a little organization will do for your sanity. I also cleaned out Jakes closet, under our bed, and pretty much every other area in my house that needed a little sprucin'. I feel at peace this Sunday evening knowing everything is in its home :) However, after all that purgin and cleaning this is what I found:

Can you explain to me how 2 NON-SMOKERS accumulate so many lighters and matches?! Holy smokes (no pun intended), I just kept finding them! If any of you have a favorite lighter you've lost, there is a good chance it somehow ended up in our junk drawer, give me a call and i'll be happy to return it to its rightful owner. he he he..

 In other current events I am also now the PROUD owner of....

and I'm working on a new header, as well as some Absolutely Arkansas graphics, that I should have up before the end of the week! (In hopes that my not-so-tech-savvy self can figure it all out).

  Did you guys all have a great weekend? What are your memorial day plans? I'll be at work...POO!

Until next time,


p.s. don't forget to check out the poll on the right hand side, your answers will help me decide which room to tackle first in the new house!

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