21 May 2012

Home goods makes you happy

  This past Sunday, my Mama and I skipped church to go to the grand opening of Home Goods. SWEET HEAVENS HOLY COW AMAZING AMAZING, i've never been to a more amazing place in my life. Without a single doubt, I am pretty sure that when I die and go to heaven, the big man and I will cruise around our own personal home goods with a limitless credit card, and get our decorating on.

  I have to tell you some funny stories about our experience though. There were easily 500 people waiting outside before it opened at 8 am, and when we arrived at 7:30 the line was already this long:

wrapped all the way around the building. We didn't care though, we had our sneakers on, already got in a starbucks run, and were ready for some discount lamp shades. And rugs. And pretty much anything else homey. The only 3 men in the store had the most miserable looks on their faces, except for this one who had his battle-face on, ready to do business, and maybe knock you out if you got in the way of the decorative bedding he had his eye on. The store was BRUTALLY crowded, i'm talkin' worse than your local movie theater on opening weekend of Twilight. Somehow my mother and I managed this:

in case you can't tell, that's 2 carts full of merchandise. Not even counting the stuff they had on hold for us at the front. Now I know that we usually wouldn't be spending this much on stuff for our homes, but I gotta error on the side of caution right now, I don't know what kind of home decor stores they have out in Arkansas, and I don't want to risk missin out on a pretty lamp (or 4) that I just CAN'T live without. You get me right? Plus we woke up at 6 a.m. on a Sunday, and missed worshipin our good lord, so I think it would be disrespectful if we DIDN'T buy all this. RIGHT?

  Regardless, this was our total:

can't read it? That's $796.79. Nearly 800 dollars worth of B-E-A-U-TFUL things for my home. And what did I get for waking up, missing church, and spending 800 dollars?

this lovely reusable shopping bag. WHAT A DEAL! Here are some other pictures of our home goods makes you happy adventure:

my Mom hates pictures of herself, so I tried to secret-agent sneak one of the two of us.

aren't these lamps lovely? They will make the nicest addition to our bedroom.

  That's it for now, I have to get back to working on Jakes anniversary gift. Stay tuned for a post on how it turns out! Until next time,

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