15 September 2017

What I Wore to Work this Week

Hi, friends!

I had a few DM's on instagram that this was a well-liked blog series, so I took my selfies this week to keep it going! If we're being honest, if I didn't go into the office every day I would wear what i'm wearing in the last picture all day 'err day, so if anything else, work gives me an excuse to play dress up ;)


September 11th makes me patriotic AF. Don't mess with Americans. Nothing I love more than sporting my love for the US of A from head to toe.

Skirt: Halogen Top: Old Navy, my color is sold out but here is one very similar Shoes: similar here


I'm not super in to this outfit now that i'm seeing it in selfie form. But i'm documenting what I wore so here it is!

Pants: Old Navy Peplum Tank: Off Brand but similar here Heels: Nine West Necklace: Charming Charlie


Blouse: Lush Skirt: Allegra K Shoes: Sofft (comfiest of my life)


Probably my favorite outfit of the week! It is just so darn comfortable and although it is still pretty warm, it felt like fall!

Jeans: Stay white by Old Navy Plaid: Abercrombie and FItch Sweater: Kohls Shoes: Similar

...and to keep with tradition, here is my current look. ;)

Have a happy weekend, friends!

Until Next Time,


  1. Love that Friday outfit! Thank you for once again proving that it's ok to wear white pants past Labor Day!

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