31 March 2017

Sprinkled with Love

Happy Friday, friends!

Last weekend we had the most beautiful baby sprinkle hosted by my Mom, Mother in law, and Grandma and it could not have been any more perfect!

I literally teared up at all of the sweet decorations and love that they poured into the afternoon. We had so many delicious treats and our little lady was seriously spoiled. What is it about girl clothes that will just melt you every single time?!

I wanted to share a few of the pictures from the day because it was honestly perfect. Of COURSE the day of the shower (which was planned to be outside) it was raining, cold, and not at all Spring (even though the very next day was sunny and 75) but my in-laws have the most beautiful completely open concept home, so we were able to mingle and enjoy without even needing to go outside!

The decorations were so stinking cute. Tulle, bows, pink, flowers...ALL things girl! How awesome is this diaper cake? My mom jokes that she finally found a cake she is incapable of messing up ;) My family gathered pictures of me throughout my life and we played a "how old was Kylie" game, that even I couldn't answer. I don't even think my mom won that game haha!

I can't even handle baby tutus!!

These pictures crack me up because it's just mom life summed up. 90% of the time this little boy only wants his dad, but not during presents. So I had a helper :)

My dear friend, Courtney, and I are only 12 days apart and we also live just down the road from each other, so maternity leave should be a blast this summer! She had an unfair advantage at the "how big is Kylie's belly" game, and won by measuring her own bump ;)

Some of the wonderful friends and family who have made Arkansas home! I'm so grateful for these women and how darn special they made me feel this day. 

We are so, so blessed. Thanks for following along.

Until Next Time,


  1. What a wonderful family and friends circle you have! I'd love to have a baby shower that elaborate and fun when I'm pregnant. I love following your blog and seeing your pictures, and though we've never met, I feel like a part of your big family and love seeing all your happiness on the Internet!
    Wishing you a good remainder of this 2nd pregnancy and hoping to get to know the baby girl's name soon, as I always love finding out the names of new babies (but then again, who doesn't love this? :) )

  2. It's so pretty! What a great sprinkle. You are looking great!

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