04 January 2017

21 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Sister

It could not be any more true that the second time around documenting pregnancy is 1000 times more difficult. I truly don't even remember to take pictures, and before I know it another week has past. When I was pregnant with Sawyer, we broke out the big camera for almost every week, and I put on perfectly styled maternity outfits, and this time around, you're getting an iphone selfie after work ;)

How far along? 21 weeks 3 days.

Total weight gain: 6 pounds total. Which I think is less than 20 weeks with Sawyer. I thought I would gain so much more this time around (especially since I never completely lost what I gained with Sawyer) but i've been so busy I haven't had time to stuff my face. And I was sick as a dog for 20 straight weeks so that doesn't help either!

Maternity clothes? OOOH yeah. I really was exclusively in them from 11 weeks, but now my shirts are starting to become crop tops if I don't wear a maternity shirt. I got the best pajamas from my mother in law over Christmas (I seriously can't stop raving about them) and they're the only pajamas that fit so perfectly over this growing belly.

Stretch marks? No new ones, but plenty of old ones!

Sleep: It hasn't been great lately. I'm dead-tired by 8:30, and fall asleep pretty quickly, but I find myself waking all night with the nuttiest dreams! My bladder has also really ramped up production the past few weeks and i'm constantly having to pee. My middle-of-the-night waking is terrible for my pocketbook, however, because that's usually when I do my worst online shopping damage ;)

Best moment this week: Learning our little lady was still a little lady, and had all of her perfect organs and 4 chamber heart. For some reason, I was irrationally nervous for our anatomy scan. I think I lived in this blissful fairytale with Sawyer that everything would just be fine, and reality set in a little bit during this pregnancy. I was so worried something would be wrong with her, especially since we were pregnant so quickly, but everything is healthy as can be and I feel so incredibly relieved.

Miss Anything? I've been pretty good lately, actually. Pregnancy is not fun (for me at least) but I am able to keep food down, I haven't been too overly exhausted, and i'm not large enough yet to hate life. I would say this is definitely the sweet spot of pregnancy.

Movement: FINALLY! She has been a mover and groover from our very first ultrasound, but I was barely feeling anything until recently. Now I can count the kicks and Jake has been able to feel a few, and it's my favorite part of being pregnant! I already look forward to the giant flips and jabs and kicks that come in the next few weeks. There is nothing as special as feeling those little love taps.

Food cravings: Sweets. As usual. :) I have a terrible sweet tooth made even worse by the baby. I'm always incredibly thirsty too, but it has to be ice cold.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not nearly as bad as it was! Thank heavens! I still have an incredibly strong gag reflex so just about anything makes me gag, but I haven't thrown up in about 2 weeks, and i'm not even taking my diclegis anymore so that is a huge relief.

Gender: Our first sweet girl!

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks have totally started-and these ones feel so much more intense! Maybe it's because my body already knows the drill, but i've been getting BH contractions that literally take my breath away. It's not too often, I would say only 2-3 times a week max, and usually a tall glass of water and putting my feet up will send them packing.

Symptoms: I've had bronchitis the last 6 weeks, and the awful coughing caused a rib to fracture. That was hell.on.earth. It still hasn't completely healed, but now that my coughing is so much less it's on the mend. I'm so incredibly grateful not to be throwing up anymore, though!!

Belly Button in or out? You guys, I don't even know what to say about this belly button. It is out of control. I did find out at my 16 week appointment though that I have a pretty severe umbilical hernia which is what is causing it to protrude so much. It doesn't hurt at all, it just looks crazy!

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Somewhere in the middle :) I'm so happy to be feeling better and on the mend, and we just had the most magical Holiday season ever so it's hard to be moody with all that going on. I will say, though, I am so much more hormonal with this little lady and it doesn't take much at all to send me into a tailspin! 

Looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore? :) Ha! We're starting a bunch of home projects this month, a mini kitchen makeover, and of course, the NURSERY (!!) and I can't wait to start seeing pieces of that come together. Now that Christmas is over, I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather, but seeing as it's only January, I shouldn't get my hopes up!

You'll have to excuse the Christmas boxes in the background and the fact that this is a mirror selfie. You do what you can with baby #2. At least it's better than this:


Thank you so much for following along this pregnancy! I am going to desperately try to get some maternity looks shot this weekend. Since this is a winter pregnancy my style has been so much different than the never ending dresses I wore the first time around! If you're interested in maternity fashion, you can click HERE, if you'd like to follow along with my bumpdates, you can click HERE and you'll see the updates for both baby girl and Sawyer!

Until Next Time,


  1. You're past halfway! So excited for your growing family!
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