08 June 2016

Sawyer Rose Grows, 7 Months

My little side kick. Sawyer is 7 months and 2 weeks ( as per usual, I’m 2 weeks behind on his updates!)

This child is so.much.fun. Without a doubt, this stage of his life has been the best yet, but don’t I say that every month? I’m not really sure how to write this update without paragraphs and paragraphs of all of the fun moments we have, so I’m going to do just that…feel free to skip through the words and just look at the cute pictures ;)

We’ve officially outgrown pictures laying down on his playmat. This little guy refuses to lay down these days. He will flip himself over and over or scoot around the room to get what he wants, and it’s teaching me that parenting gets real once your little one becomes mobile. I used to get home from work, set him down to play and take care of a few chores, now I have to put him in highchair jail to keep him from rolling down the stairs. I see baby proofing in our future!

Month seven has been HUGE for development around here. Sawyer is clapping up a storm, waving hello and bye bye, and making all sorts of fun noises we’ve never heard before. I swear he is a baby genius, but doesn’t every mom think that? J

Still no teeth, but we check every day expecting one to pop through! This child is a baby-zombie who will chew your face off if you let him. Those itchy gums!

He hasn’t had a well-check visit since his 6 month, so I’m going to guess he weighs around 22 pounds, and he feels like it, man! Those rolls are so delicious, but as I was carrying him up from the lake yesterday I kept thinking “I’m going to be in such good shape carrying this crazy kid all summer!”

Speaking of lake, he went for his first swim which was absolutely precious. We knew he would love it, because we took a road trip to Mississippi over the weekend and dipped his feet in the hotel pool and the excitement on Sawyer’s face was too much! He was definitely made to be a lake baby J

He is still breastfed, but with some solids added in now. He has a dinner and a lunch, and we do a mix of small finger foods as well as blended purées, and he is all about the food lately! Favorites are sweet potatoes, apples, and zucchini. He was a little iffy about quinoa at first, but now I can’t get it into his mouth fast enough. I absolutely LOVE watching him discover new tastes and textures. I don’t absolutely love the change in his diaper now that we’ve introduced solid food…its gross to say the least. J

This child is FINALLY and I mean FINALLY sleeping. Hallelujah! I’ll post more about that next week…but you guys, a full nights rest for 2 full time working parents is a life changer. And I don’t say that lightly. 

I never want to forget so many things from this month, and I don’t think I ever will. As I rocked him to sleep last night and felt his sleepy weight on my chest I prayed that he would  grow up strong and healthy, and that I would always remember when he was small and asleep in my arms. Those times he falls asleep in our cuddles are few and far between now, and each and every time it happens I worry about when the next time will be. I hope every last one isn’t that last. I hope he lets me cuddle him until he has his own kids to cuddle. Is that weird? I just didn’t really know it was possible to love this hard and this deep. I’ll never be able to put it into words.

Thanks for following along our first year as parents. For more things baby related, click here! For Sawyer's other monthly updates, click here.

Until Next Time,


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