10 September 2015

32 Week Bumpdate + Blog + My Cute Husband

Good morning, friends!

I don't know if you see anything exciting in the URL box at the top of the page...:) :) That's RIGHT! We're officially RoseandCoBlog.com, and i'm so excited for the big leap. With that being said, as things are being transitioned over, you might have some trouble accessing different Absolutely Arkansas links, (absolutelyarkansas.com being the main culprit...yikes!) so please, pardon my dust! It should be resolved by Monday.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my 32 week bumpdate a little late, as well as my new favorite accessory!

You see, as this belly has grown, I find myself wearing more and more of Jake's clothing. My favorite are his long sleeve thermal shirts. So cozy! Or i'll pair a button up with a belt and a pair of skinny jeans, and I love how roomy it feels. So does Sawyer. :) It's not often that I have an accessory that can be shared with Jake! The Button Bow is basically the coolest accessory i've ever seen! It's a hairband that can be adjusted for a cute bow in your hair, OR you can strap it around your husbands neck for the cutest little bowtie you ever did see. :)

I seriously can't even. Look at that little smirk ;)

...aaaand because this man can't be taken seriously for longer than 5 minutes, he started goofing off before we could get his pictures finished.

The Button Bow comes in so many colors and patterns, and you can even have a custom order made. Hello wedding party gifts! Anyways, I just thought i'd share, and it's a local NWA company which makes me even more excited, shop small, friends!

Okay, on to the bumpdate! 32 weeks hasn't been a whole lot different from 31 weeks, i'm just continuing to get bigger, badder, and more ready to meet our son!

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain: 20+ pounds. I panicked when I saw the number on the scale at my last doctors appointment. Then I had to get a flu shot and rewarded myself with ice cream. So apparently it didn't stress me out too bad ;)

Maternity clothes? Even those are getting too tight, but it's too late to buy anything. Hopefully with the cooling weather I can get away with some big baggy sweaters!

Stretch marks? On my hips, and strangely on my inner thigh. Really hoping they fade after little guy comes out.

Sleep: Sleep is still not the best but it has been made SO much better by my Bellifly Pillow! It gives such nice support and isn't huge and bulky like other maternity pillows tend to be.

Best moment this week: Starting to pack my Hospital Bag! It's so exciting to know that it's just a few short weeks away that we will be meeting our new little buddy. P.S. did you see that gorgeous Alma Rose bag? Absolutely Arkansas readers get a discount if you use code AArkansas!

Miss Anything? I still miss being normal size, not having rib pain, not peeing 50492 times a night, and sleep. But it's all worth it. :)

Movement: He is crazy in there! Some of those movements are starting to hurt! He must be loving all that milk i've been drinking, cause this kid has strong muscles!

Food cravings: So, as you can see in our video below, Jake and I went to WhataBurger for the first time ever over the long weekend, and it was delicious. Not quite In-n-out delicious, but soo good none the less, and now i'm dying for a double double and Neapolitan shake!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating too much will make me feel pretty sick. My doctor said weight gain will start to slow down because it's just so hard to fit much food in your stomach when everything is so smooshed.

Gender: Little baby boy :)

Labor Signs: Still none. Which is obviously a good thing, he has some plumping up to do! However, i'm definitely starting to feel like my uterus has an iron-clad grip on this baby boy and isn't planning on letting go any time soon.

Symptoms: I'm going to spare you all the gory details. But everything hurts, I pee my pants, and heartburn might kill me. But then he will wiggle and I am so thankful for all the little pains. 

Belly Button in or out? Still popped out like a turkey timer!

Wedding rings on or off? on! I'm glad my fingers haven't swelled much. But my ankles...phew! Looking forward to seeing those again.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Still really happy, but holy cow i'm having pregnancy breakdowns like no other. The other night I was inconsolable out of nowhere because I told Jake that he doesn't think i'm pretty anymore. He was like "WHAT DID I SAY?!" Poor guy. I then realized i'm just having a breakdown and I need to get.it.together. before the poor guy moves in with my parents down the street ;)

Looking forward to: Is it too early to say, i'm just looking forward to meeting him? I know it's still sevenish weeks out, but man, as each day creeps on by, I get more and more anxious! I'm also SO excited to share with you the new blog design. I've been working with the most amazing Web Designer and getting everything in order, and you guys, it's SO EXCITING! I'm really pumped about this big new change.

I wish I had some other fun photos for ya'll, but I DID finally get around to filming a Vlog (after a darn month. I'm sorry I suck) and you can see some fun baby + mama finds, as well as some Lady and the Tramp french fry kissin' ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie