03 August 2015

Keepin your car Fresh & Clean

If you follow me on instagram @absolutelyarkansas you may remember that 2 months back, Jake and I bought our very first brand new car! I've never been so excited to have something in my life as my sweet mom wheels. That is, until I was enjoying my double dip of rocky road (#preggoproblems) on our drive home last weekend and catastrophe struck. Dun.Dun.DUUUUNNN!

We had no napkins, no Wet-Naps cleansing wipes, and no trash bag to save us. I had sticky chocolate ice cream all over my face, hands, and yummy new leather. There was no easy clean up in sight. You see, you might think you need a clean car kit for your children, but I can assure you, ice cream catastrophe can strike anyone, regardless of age, so even though our little man isn't here yet, stocking our car with some tidy-up essentials was what I set out to do.

It was just a quick stop at my local Walmart for a 110 pop-up pack of Wet-Nap hands and face cleansing wipes, some leather wipes, and air freshener and I was on my way.

All you need to do is grab a dollar store bin, and load it up with cleansing essentials like paper towels, trash bags, and of course Wet-Nap wipes. It's impossible to clean up your car with sticky fingers, so I love how simple it is to grab a Wet-Nap, and clean sticky fingers and faces! I usually find that cleansing wipes can be a little drying, but Wet-Nap is formulated with aloe so it keeps ya clean, without drying you out!

You can store your new car cleaning kit in the backseat like so, of course, with easy access to the essentials, or....

If you have sweet new mom-wheels like I do, store your cleaning kit in the super agent secret compartment...

UNDER YOUR FRONT SEAT! Then you'll never have a scary sticky mess on your hands (literally) again. :)

Make sure you  visit Walmart for all your Wet-Nap® needs: 110-Count Hands, Face, & Body Cleansing Wipes, 24-Count Packettes Antibacterial Hand Wipes and 40-Count Canister Antibacterial Hand Wipes. I always have them on hand, and I know, when our little Sawyer finally arrives, we will have them EVERYWHERE for the messes little boys make!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Wet-Nap®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ConquerTheMess http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


  1. I need to keep wet wipes in my car constantly! You never know when you will need those.

    1. oh girl, you and me both! I am the hot mess express and i'm not afraid to admit it!

  2. These seem like great things to keep on hand!

    1. Definietly a must for me! Plus, who doesn't love a car that smells like Hawaiian Breeze ;)