Rose & Co Blog: Girly Office Update: My "Bar" Cart

Girly Office Update: My "Bar" Cart

I couldn't start this post without saying the most heartfelt thank you for your sweet, sweet words on our big announcement last week. I was in tears because you all are just the best, most thoughtful friends ever. We are so dang excited for this little one and you know me, i'm already dreaming of nursery decor! 

We're totally knee deep in trying to complete as much of our house before baby makes his/her grand entrance this Fall. My house is in shambles as we my husband lays new hardwood and we bring in some new furniture throughout the house.

 I needed to take a minute to enjoy the only half-way put together room in the house this weekend!

Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week, so I thought i'd break up the sadness a little bit with the worlds quickest office update! I've shown you the opposite side of the room multiple times, sharing our bookcases and my newly updated pinboard, but you've never seen the opposite side...until now.

I'm completely obsessed with the barcart trend, however, no boozin' will be done around here for quite awhile, so I decided to re-purpose ours with some sweet trinkets and make it a functional printing station seeing as this is an office afterall :)

Our printer has been  collecting dust under my desk for the last year, and each time we needed to print something, I needed to drag out some printer paper from the depths of the closet, and untangle all of the cords to get the printer functioning. It was a mess and I spent many a day not even using our printer because it was a simpler process to run down to kinkos. You know, cause that makes sense. 

I pulled out our paper and card stock, and finally set up the wifi on our printer so from now on, I just need to load her up, and print away! I have sent my apologies to kinkos for the loss in business. 

Because this is a barcart afterall, I topped it with an antique tray that was used as decor at our wedding, and those empty liquor bottle were actually the centerpieces at  my best friends wedding! Thrifty decor, ya'll ;)

The barcart is an ikea purchase we picked up on a recent trip to Kansas City, and it's most definitely the most function 30 dollars i've ever spent! Maybe after the baby comes we'll replace those empty bottles with some full ones, eh?

Thanks for coming by!

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie


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