16 April 2014

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Tray- Look for Less!

 Hi beauties!

 Happy Hump Day!

I'm about to blow your mind with what will go down in history as the worlds easiest DIY of all time. I was so in love with this mirrored vanity tray at Anthropologie, but at $148.00...there is NO way that's happenin'!

I knew I could set out to put something similar together at practically no cost at all. I already owned the little knobs, and I picked up a mirror for $5.00 dolla (make you holla!) at Walmart, and we were in business.

I used a small amount of epoxy glue to attach the handles to the sides of the mirror, and it officially became a tray!

I absolutely love how many uses you can get out of this simple project, from a coffee table tray...

To breakfast in bed!

This simple mirrored tray ads a little glitz to any decor!

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Displaying No-Sew Pottery Barn Inspired Ribbon Drapes.jpg

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Displaying Anthropologie Inspired Dessert stand.jpg.jpg

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Displaying industrialplanter2.jpg

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Displaying DIY Towel Rail.jpg

If you're in need of some more DIY on the cheap, be sure to check out THIS tutorial and THIS one!

See you lovers next time!



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  1. Well, girl. I think you and I win for easiest projects. "Just glue it together with epoxy!". That's my kinda DIY!

    Your tray looks beautiful and I love that you got your man to pose for that photo. :)

  2. What a great project! I LOVE the simplicity - and yet it looks so elegant. And you really can't pass up breakfast in bed. Great job!

  3. LOVE this! $5 mirror?! Would be a perfect gift or a tray to set bathroom items on. Great job!

  4. Love this - it looks amazing and so practical when you can get your soon-to-be-husband to serve you breakfast in bed! ;)

  5. I love this tray! I've had a similar project on my to do list for a while now, but haven't found the perfect frame yet. I never thought to use a mirror, such a great idea!

  6. Heck yes!!!! I am all about DIY Anthro projects! A few years ago, I found these darling snow globes at Anthropologie and refused to pay full price for them, so like you, I decided to make my own! Us ladies know how to be fabulous AND thrifty! ;)