26 March 2014

Cosmetic LOVE

  Hello lovelies!

 Did you have a nice week without me? I missed all of your pretty faces!

 I'm super excited to review a TON of to-die products today that were sent to me by Nuance Salma Hayek, exclusively sold at CVS. This brand is so luxurious at such an affordable price. And you know me, ladies! Look for less is where it's at. I was sent a super healthy haul of what this amazeballs line carries, and I can't wait to tell you about the good, the okay, and the not-so-ugly.

I originally thought the name was sort of odd, "Nuance" that seem's negative to me. But how Salma describes it, I think it is a beautiful message. She says that the line is "inspired by my Grandmother, my products are designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty." I love the idea of letting the things that bother you define your individuality. Big plus for me!---Don't forget that you can always watch my corresponding YouTube Review HERE!

Lets start in the skincare department! My favorite!

Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub- $8.99

The body scrub smells like heaven! You know how some scrubs are so rough, and they don't foam up at all? This does exactly the opposite! The scrubbing is heavenly, while leaving you feeling genuinely clean and refreshed. A new favorite!

Smooth & Firm Perfector-$19.99
The smooth & firm perfector is fantastic! It really reminds me of a foundation primer in consistency, plus it has SPF 20 which I think is awesome to keep those wrinkles away! I've been using this under my foundation all week and have been so happy with it! Plus the size of the bottle is fantastic...it will last you forever! Also, be prepared to make your face feel like a babies butt. Because it will.

Glycolic Cream Cleanser - $13.99
This cleanser is so delicious. I was a little weary because of the Glycolic Acid, I was nervous it would be harsh on my skin, but it is SO creamy and gentle. The little microbeads exfoliate gently, and the best part is, they're made of natural sugars so they're healthy for the environment too. Good for my face + good for the fishies is a win in my book! Since this has the Glycolic acid, it's important to follow up with a good sunscreen...which ROCKS since the Smooth & Firm is so nice on your skin ;)

Let's hop on over to Haircare! You know my locks are important to me, so I couldn't wait to try this out.

In order of shower to walking out the door with gorgeous hair:

Intense Hydration Hair Mask- (not listed on website, but in store!)

I used this after dying my hair this weekend (get excited...dye your own hair tutorial coming at ya quick!) and I was REALLY impressed with how silky my hair felt! I'm not a huge fan of deep conditioners as they usually weigh my hair down, but for a mask I might use maybe 2 or 3 times a month, I think this did a great job of hydrating without weighing down.

Nourishing Oil- $9.99

You guys know that I have a healthy obsession with the Kendi Dry Oil Mist by Alterna. I can say I really did like this product, and I will totally use it in between being out of my Dry Oil Mist, but it isn't a replacement for me. I think its a FANTASTIC affordable substitute though, and since you only use a tiny bit, this bottle could easily last you the entire year.

Primer Spray- $9.99

Hair Primer, what?!  That's what I said. It says its supposed to work the same way a face or eye primer would work. Ensuring style is locked in, while protecting your hair from heat damage. I'm pretty blessed with hair that is really easy to manage & holds style pretty well, but I liked the packaging and smell of this, and I think it will be great for a heat protector. As far as making my style last longer...only time will tell.

Straightening Balm- $9.99

So I RARELY wear my hair straight, so I didn't think I would get much use out of this one, however, it works great to tame frizz! I wanted to try every product so I could share with you, and I rubbed just a bit of this on my ends after blowing out my hair and I felt like the style looked much more "tame." If you're a frequent flat iron girl, this ones for you sister!

MAKEUP TIME! Makeup is a girls best friend, i'm sure of it ;)

Holy cow, I do not even know where to start on all this goodness. I'll jump into eyes-

Lights Camera Action-$8.79

Let me start by saying the packaging on all this stuff is to die for! This handy little stick is SO cool to me. If you watch my YouTube Review, you'll see this baby in action. On one side, you have a creme eyeshadow, on the other an eyeliner...and it doesn't stop there! You have a pretty highlighter in the middle, so essentially you can rock one entire look with this little travel pen. Keep it in your makeup bag for a quick eyelook on the go.

Eyeshadow Quad-$8.99

I have mixed reviews on this baby! At first I thought the packaging was so unique and cool. Its this little teardrop that opens up into 4 beautiful shadows. (4 shadows for 9 bucks?! awesome deal) After playing with it for a week, the packaging is unique, but a little cumbersome when you think 4 shadows could fit nicely in a flat pallette. The colors are really pigmented, and they lasted all day though! I just wish there was a matte color in the quad, because everything is quite shimmery.

Mineral Eyeshadow Duo-$8.49

This shadow is my favorite! I've warn it every day this week. I sweep the champagne color on my lid, while blending the brown into my crease and its lasted perfectly all day. Its the perfect natural work makeup for me, despite being ULTRA shimmery. Easily my favorite cosmetic that was sent my way!

Gel Eyeliner-$9.99

This eyeliner is unreal! I am not usually a "stick eyeliner" person...but this truly is more of a gel, and it gives you all the control of a stick. It's perfect for tightlining as well as blending out that lower lashline. I was sent this is brown, grey, and black, and the grey is so different and pretty.

Face & Lippies!

Flawless Wear Tinted Moisturizer-$13.99

I'm mixed on this baby too! I am not really a tinted moisturizer person, I like a little more coverage, but I gave this a go over the weekend to stay nice and fresh faced, and it felt super smooth and light on my skin, but again, it's just a personal preference on coverage.

Concealer & Brightener-$10.99

I love this stuff! The concealer is wonderful for hiding blemishes or dark spots, and the brightener is nice to bump up your highlight when HAC-in. I've never used the "lipstick style" concealer before, and I wouldn't recommend it for highlighting, just as it's too thick, but for doing what it's for, (you know, "concealing") I think its an awesome product with great last power.

Mineral Cheek Trio-$12.99

So pigmented and pretty! The blush is BRIGHT, which I was not expecting at all, and the shimmery highlight powder really reminds me of my favorite "soft & gentle" by Mac. The bronzer will not replace my favorite Too Faced Chocolate Sollei, but the blush + highlight rock.

Finishing Powder-$11.99

This stuff is a new favorite! I don't like powders with a lot of pigmentation because usually after all the foundation, you don't need MORE coverage. This has the smallest amount of color to really set your face makeup without adding coverage, but it also isn't white which will wash you out.

Color Vibrance Lipstick- $9.99

This is a wonderful Lippie! The color "Nude" is my favorite, as its the perfect "my lips-but better" color. Wine & Paprika were close seconds for a dramatic night out. The staying power was so-so, you'll definitely need to reapply, but it doesn't taste gross or make your lips feel gummy which was appreciated!

PHHEW! That was A LOT! Do you feel properly reviewed?! All I can say is I was SO impressed with this amazing Drugstore line, and you should RUN to your local CVS and pick some goodies up for yourself! If you want to see some swatchy swatch swatches of everything checkout THIS video, and make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube Channel to see these pretties in action, there will be lots of Nuance tutorials to come!

I'm headed home to San Diego in 1.5 days for a weekend of SO MUCH wedding fun...you're going to want to make sure you follow me on Instagram (Kylieh23) so you can follow along for my Bachelorette fun!

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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