04 February 2014

Weekend Dump

 On Second thought...this post title sort of sounds like i'm going to tell you about our bathroom habits over the weekend...oops.

Morning, Readers!

 I don't know about you, but i'd like to shoot that groundhog on our next hunting trip. SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER?! I don't know if I have it in me, honestly. I'm so sick of mother freaking snow and being stuck in the house I might burst. Today is day two of pajamas, snuggles, and lots of hot cocoa. (Sounds horrible doesn't it) ha! I know it sounds like the life, but I can assure you, i'm not loving it at all.

The good news is we managed to get in a little fun this last weekend and since this blog was essentially started to my Gram Gram could see pictures of us out here...lets have a weekend dump shall we?

We started by CELEBRATING because we are officially 4 months down! Actually, it's 3 months 24 days now...but who's counting :)

After this picture I got started on our taxes, and then I realized we owed this year (for the first time in our lives) and I wanted to throw the computer through the window. So I stopped doing taxes.

This little cutie! In the 3 years this child has been alive, my parents haven't gone out for a date night ONCE! Not one measly little time. I said it was time for a sleepover, so he came to "dissy and dats" (sissy and Jake but somewhere along the line he started calling us "Dissy and Dat") and we were basically the best baby sitters ever. We made pizza's and let him put as many sprinkles on his 2 scoops of ice cream as he wanted. We totally rock.

These pancakes are bomb.com. In fact, i'm seriously going to go make some right now. Its whole wheat pancake batter with flax seed (I know..sounds delicious, right? haha) but I added a cup of sweet blueberries and topped with a banana and I devoured every bite. So did Kaedyn. When he woke up at our house, he opened his eyes and said "Dissy I can't believe it! It's morning!" hahaha he kills me! And when I asked if he wanted chocolate pancakes or blueberry...he chose blueberry! Who knew!

Whats a weekend without booze? Enjoying our last bit of sunshine on Saturday with a delicious Stella on tap.

and as you probably saw on Instagram , even more booze ensued on Saturday night. This drink is MAJOR. Lately i'm obsessed with bourbon. This was mint, sweet tea bourbon, & lemonade and it made me feel like I was on vacation. That was until...

We woke up to 4 inches of snow and my hubby-to-be threatened divorce if we couldn't make it to our superbowl party. (we don't have cable so he would have missed the bronco smash down)

Good news though, we made it, and I ate enough Buffalo Chicken Dip to last me a year.

I'm hoping I can get a craft or two accomplished during this week of being locked inside...i'll keep you posted, promise!

Now off to make more of those pancakes!



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  1. SO jealous of your snow! We've came close once in Texas...but none this year! :( And those pancakes look DELISH!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

    1. Oh Lindi girl, don't be jealous!! ITS COLD!!!!! When is spring again?!

      Xoxo, K

  2. It looks like you had a ton of fun! That lemonade drink looks delish!

  3. Why are you locked inside for the whole week!? I feel like I may have missed something!

  4. What is the name of the lemonade, sweet tea bourbon and mint drink?

    1. Hey, M!

      I wish I could tell you! It was from Red Robin & I certainly was saying "yummmm!" ;) thanks so much for stopping by friend!!

      Xo, K

  5. Your blog is precious! I love it! I have family in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma (born and bred) and yes it is beautiful!

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun, lady! Hope all is well with you--it's been a while since I stopped by and said "hiii!"

    Have a great week!

  7. Bahaha seriously cracking up at what you said about doing taxes :) Taxes SUCK! Big time. You are hilarious. I wish you lived closer to LR! And side note, how do you like living up in Rogers?? Do you love it?? We are so tempted to move up there!

  8. Thank you one million and please carry on the gratifying work.