22 January 2014

Dry Skin/Hair/Face ESSENTIALS!

 Good afternoon, readers!

 I hope your hump day is off to a fabulous start. If you're like most of the country you woke up and it was COLD today. (Probably lots of snow too!) I'm doing a happy dance that the snow storm missed us, so I can at least pretend Spring is on its way. After Christmas is over, I detest everything that is winter. Sweaters are making me cry, the mere sight of mittens throws me into depression. Can it be sundress season yet? For me, the worst part of the winter is my HORRIBLE DRY SKIN/FACE/LIPS/HAIR! It's like every bit of moisture is sucked right out of me. I hate it! No fear though, this San Diego girl has found some of the BEST products to help beat the dry skin blues. And the best part? Most of them are from the drug store!

Lets start with our face. My biggest issues? Dry patches, and chapped flaky lips. (attractive, no?)

1) Olay Regenerist Serum. Couldn't live without it. I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It is SO moisturizing, and even in my high-breakout high school years, its always been gentle enough for my acne prone skin. I put it on first thing after washing my face in the morning, under my moisturizer.

2) Borghese Hydrating Mud; This mask is heavenly! It's so soothing.You put it on your skin, and you instantly become the green mask monster, but it has a light tingle to it, and I swear my skin feels SO smooth afterwards. I use it every 2 or 3 days.

3) St. Ives Apricot Scrub; Another product i've been using since high school. This scrub is EVERYTHING when it comes to my skincare routine. It helps to prevent breakouts, and all those rough areas I have in the winter time are polished away. Remember, it's so important to exfoliate so your moisturizer can get down into your skin!

4) Burts Bee's Intense Hydration Night Cream; I put this on every night before bed. Its light and smooth so you don't feel like you just smeared grease into your face, but it is SO moisturizing. It's never given me a breakout either.

5) Burts Bee's Intense Hydration Day Cream; this is the best day moisturizer you will EVER use! I am hooked. Its so thick and creamy, yet just PERFECT under foundation. When layered with my Regenerist, I never have to worry about drying out through the day.

6) Fresh Lip Polish this stuff is definitely pricier than I would usually list for something like a lip scrub, but it is AMAZING. I use it every other day to buff away the dry chapped skin on my lips. I've never struggled with chapped lips quite like I do since moving out south, and this polish has been a lifesaver. It's full of yummy essential oils too that leave your pout feeling moisturized and happy.

7) EOS Medicated Lip Balm; EOS products are amazing. I love the delicious smells and they're always so hydrating. I use the medicated lip balm before bed to really soak down deep into my lips, and I use it throughout the day to give my lips a pretty "shine" without lip gloss.

8)  Loreal Glow Drops; I just recently began using these and they've quickly become a go-to when i'm feeling dry. Right out of the shower I put just a few of these drops on my hand and rub them into my face & neck. You'd think with it being all essential oil that it would leave you feeling "greasy" but it is so quickly absorbed, and hasn't left me with a breakout yet!

Okay...after those 8 products your face should be GOOD-TO-GO! Moving onto Body...

1) Vaseline Cocoa Radiant; this body lotion is so thick and rich I couldn't live without it! It really sinks down deep, and its perfect for every day. Slather on after the shower and feel your dead skin melting away.

2) Philosophy FIeld of Flowers; did I mention i'm craving Spring? This lotion is so light and delicious smelling. I mix a pump in with my cocoa butter and moisturize all over!

3) Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash; this is the only body wash I will use. It doesn't strip your skin like most cleansers, and I love the delicious smell.

4) Sweet Pea Body Scrub; i've been using the same jar forever, and I guess they don't sell it anymore because I couldn't find it on the website, so I linked up a similar scrub here! If my skin is feeling extra dry and in need of a little-lovin' I use this scrub on my problem areas and BOOM i'm back in business. And nothing smells quite as delicious as sweet pea :)

Now that your body and face are basking in moisturized luxury, lets take care of those locks, shall we?

Let me start out by saying, I only wash my hair once every 2 or 3 days, and I really think that helps keep it so healthy. I know this won't work for all hair types, but I highly suggest going as long as you feel comfortable (and clean!) without washing to prevent stripping of those lovely hair oils :) But in case you do need a little moisture intervention...

1) Tresemme Intense Moisture Shampoo; I never stray from this shampoo/conditioner combo. Its literally 3 dollars for THIRTY TWO OUNCES, it moisturizes without weighing my hair down, and I will never (I really mean NEVER) use another shampoo.

2)  Tresemme Intense Moisture Conditioner; see above. This stuff just rocks.

3) Garnier Deep Conditioning Masque; I usually only use this after I dye my hair, or if my hair is feeling particularly damaged. Its affordable, it works amazing, and you can conveniently pick it up at the drugstore. Works for me! :) 

4) Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Mist; without a doubt, this is my #1 of all time couldn't live without hair product. Y'all. I will never be able to explain my love for this product. I have naturally wavy-frizzy hair. With 4 sprays of this magic on my wet hair, my hair drys like a freaking Pantene commercial. I haven't touched my flat iron in months. When I curl my hair, I like to ensure my curls last a few days. With the use of this product, I will literally just brush my curls out, spray a few times and its like a brand new hair day. I want to hoard this and take up stock because I will never have a bad hair day without it :)

Do you feel moisturized? Do you feel like I just gave you 16 products you'll never use? Or that I just wasted 20 minutes of your time? I hope not! Please try at least a few of these products for yourself and bask in the rich moisturized goodness. 

Lets all rally to kick this winter crap in the family jewels, shall we?

Until Next time,

xo Kylie

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  1. I get the worst chapped lips! I will def look into that lip scrub. The hardest part for me is I am allergic to pollen, which is in beeswax so I can't use products with beeswax. I found that out when I tried Burt's Bee's lip balm! I also use the Tresmme and LOVE it too! So many good picks :)

  2. My body doesn't normally take winter too terribly, but my lips really do! I'll have to look into those!

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